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Bias in Data Science

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    Oya Beyan

    Dear RDA community,
    We have been working on collecting different source of bias which may impact
    the data science and can lead ethically questionable consequences. Dinh Ann
    (cc ed) conducted a review as part of his master thesis (*)
    We would like to ask you for your input and feedback on
    In this work, we reviewed different sources of biases and grouped them under
    different stages of the data science lifecycle. The work is still under
    progress. The aim is to collect community feedback and improve the curated
    knowledge base for bias types and solutions.
    Please find the review at
    You can provide your comments either as a survey, or by directly commenting
    on the google doc:
    (i) please participate in the survey ( or
    (ii) leave your comment to the google doc (
    We will be very appreciated to your feedbacks.
    Best regards
    Oya Beyan
    (*)”An Ethics guideline for data scientist: developing an executable
    guideline for responsible data science” at the RWTH Aachen University, Chair
    of Computer Science 5 Information Systems.

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