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FOR ACTION by Feb 1. RDA COVID-19 Followup or spinoff activities.

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    Claire Austin

    Hello everyone,
    We are publishing a Wellcome COVID-19 summary/dissemination paper and plan to include follow-up and spinoff activities resulting from the RDA COVID-19 WG in the list of references.
    Please add your activities to the Follow-up Activities Gdoc by EOB on Feb. 1st. You may include: Work groups, interest groups, or community of practice groups, Peer reviewed articles, Preprints, Discussion papers or white papers, Grant applications, Conference presentations or proceedings, Webinars, Wizards or mind maps, Posters or flyers, and other supporting output or activities
    – Show quoted text -From: ***@***.*** on behalf of muhlmansiek via RDA COVID19 Coordination
    Sent: January 25, 2021 10:24 AM
    To: ***@***.***
    Subject: [rdacovid19-coordination] RDA COVID-19 Summary/Dissemination Paper – Call for group follow-up activities
    Dear RDA COVID-19 Co-chairs and moderators,
    To inform our response to reviewer’s questions on the Wellcome COVID-19 summary/dissemination paper, we are asking for your input. Can you please let us know of any RDA COVID-19 WG related follow-up or spinoff activities that your group may have participated in or completed? Here are the activities we are interested in for this reporting (with links to each section of the reporting document):
    * RDA work groups, interest groups, or community of practice groups
    * Peer reviewed articles (published or submitted)
    * Preprints (published on a preprint server)
    * Grant applications (submitted)
    * Conference presentations
    * Webinars
    The link to the overall document for reporting this information is:
    We ask you to kindly provide information by Mon, 1 February, if at all possible. Please let me or Hugh Shanahan know if you have any questions at all.
    Thanks and regards,
    Mary O’Brien Uhlmansiek, MA
    Director, Implementation & Outreach
    Research Data Alliance – US/RA
    Member, RDA Secretariat
    ORCID: 0000-0002-7949-2057
    Skype: maryuhlmansiek
    RDA 17th Plenary Meeting, April 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland – see updates
    IDW2021 (co-organised by RDA, CODATA and WDS and incorporates 18th RDA Plenary Meeting), 8-11 November 2021, Seoul, Republic of Korea – see updates
    IDW2023 (co-organised by RDA, CODATA and WDS and incorporating the RDA Plenary Meeting), 23-26 October 2023, Salzburg, Austria – see updates


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