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update on data stories initiative

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    Inna Kouper

    here is a quick update on our data stories effort
    I presented a poster about the data stories blog at the IASSIST conference
    on Wednesday, June 5. You can find the poster here
    There was a good interest in the blog, I had several conversations that
    boil down to the following:
    – great and useful effort, we need examples, so please continue updating
    the blog
    – yes, we have stories, especially negative ones, but we won’t share
    because people will get upset
    This may mean that for now the focus needs to be on the examples from the
    news. Someone also mentioned looking for “use cases” that many projects
    collect and transforming them into stories.
    We’re always looking for volunteers to help us write blog posts, if you’re
    willing to do that, let us know.
    There is also a call for breakout sessions for RDA Plenary 6. I won’t be
    able to organize a session on my own, but if anyone would like to have a
    session where we write new stories, I’m happy to organize something small.

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