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The global data use and sharing will be robust and sustainable only with the engagement and participation of diverse interesed audiences, including researchers, curators, administrators, and IT professionals. The Engagement Interest Group  is a collaborative whose purpose is to stimulate broader awareness of data openness and exchange as well as to engage researchers, curators, and other audiences in the development  and implementation of RDA decisions. The group is open for participation to anyone interested in needs assessment, user studies, ethnographic approaches to knowledge and science, as well as in history of changes in epistemic cultures and forms of knowledge production and dissemination.


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Recent Activity

05 Jun 2015

update on data stories initiative

here is a quick update on our data stories effort
I presented a poster about the data stories blog at the IASSIST conference
on Wednesday, June 5. You can find the poster here
There was a good interest in the blog, I had several conversations that

18 May 2015

Future directions survey - please participate

you may have seen the invitation to participate in the RDA future
directions survey. As the co-chair of this group, I've been involved in the
development of this survey. Engagement is one of the three priorities in
the future directions of RDA, so it'd be great if you all could provide
your input of what RDA should do in the future and how.
The survey can be found here

31 Mar 2015

breakout session summary from plenary 5

this is a somewhat late update on the EIG breakout session at P5 in San
Diego. A special thank you to Laura Molloy for taking notes during the
session and sharing them with me.
During the session I gave an update on the activities that the EIG is
involved with, including the RDA group clustering
and the RDA Data Share program

04 Mar 2015

RDA/DCC data stories blog officially out

I'm pleased to report that the data stories blog, an effort coordinated by
the Digital Curation Centre and our interest group is officially out
This effort will be the main focus of our break-out session at RDA. We hope
that with your help the blog will truly be an international initiative
useful in outreach, teaching, and research. So please contribute and spread
the word.
We'd appreciate feedback on tags and categories, methods for gathering

11 Feb 2015

RDA plenary 5 program and our break-out session

as some of you know the Plenary 5 program is posted and our session
description is there as well.
Our break-out session is on Monday, March 9 at 11:30am-1pm and we'll focus
on our latest data stories initiative.
Hope to see many of you there,

11 Nov 2014

P4 Breakout Summary

Summary of the Engagement IG breakout session
RDA Plenary 4, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Monday, September 22,  2014, 13.30 – 15.00
Chairs: Inna Kouper, Andrew Maffei

Introduction / Overview
The session had about 25 people in attendance.

Inna Kouper provided an overview of the group and its activities. The group receives strong interest and support at plenaries, but in between the interest drops. 

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09 Sep 2014

plenary 4

if you plan to attend the plenary in Amsterdam, I hope you're considering
joining our breakout session on Monday Sept 22 at 3:30-5pm. The agenda is
posted here https://www.rd-alliance.org/engagement-interest-group.html
In short, we plan to talk about what's been going on since the last plenary
and have a presentation by Rene Patnode about the outcomes of his summer
project. Also, we need to update our case statement / charter document