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ETHRD-IG: Updated agenda, timings for P19 meeting + confirmed quickfire talk speakers!

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    Dear ETHRD-IG member,
    I am pleased to share our updated agenda for the upcoming meeting.  Any updates or corrections should be sent to laura [at] codata [dot] org.  Thank you to everyone who has been in touch! 
    Timeslot: *Breakout #7, 02:30 – 04:00 UTC on Thursday 23 June 2022*
    Meeting chair: Amy Nurnberger
    Collaborative notes document:
    Part 1 (5 min): Welcome

    Introduction of ETHRD-IG, overview of current and future plans:  
    P15 (collecting ideas), VP16 (presentation of first output), P17 (working session to finalise output), P18 (formal presentation of output and new ideas), P19 (community sharing);  
    Call for new co-chairs; 

    Part 2 (70 min): Quickfire presentations and feedback on education and training initiatives 
    1. Presentation (8 min): Liz Stokes, ARDC: Carpentries partnership for 2022;
    2. Presentation (8 min): Hugh Shanahan (Royal Holloway): Handbook on FAIR in higher education;
    3. Presentation (8 min): Tereza Kalová, University of Vienna, Vienna University Library: Certificate Course Data Steward
    4. Presentation (8 min): Luigia Cristiano, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie: Helmholtz pilot training course;
    5. Presentation (8 min): Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Knowledge Motifs: ETHRD-IG’s metadata for learning resources: foundation, application, extension
    6. Community feedback, questions, discussion (c. 25 min)
    Part 3 (15 min): Next steps

    Actions we can work together on to make an RDA recommendation or output? 

    NB: RDA process for approving recommendations

    Identify potential future areas of work

    Brainstorming question: What are areas of future work in the space of education and training on handling research data that meet global needs?
    Responses collected via slido, 9010112

    Define goals for P20.

    Target Audience: 
    This meeting will be of benefit to: 

    those directly involved in teaching and training data skills
    policy developers working on increasing capacity and enabling data skills
    projects and initiatives focused on data related skills development
    funders with similar requirements
    librarians working with research data
    representatives from Higher Education Institutes
    repository administrators and developers
    metadata architects

    Group chair serving as contact person: 
    Amy Nurnberger

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