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Webinar Reminder: Join us on Nov 22 for “Integrating Research Data Management Services using maDMPs”

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    Yolanda Meleco

    Please join us this coming Tuesday, Nov 22 at 17:00 UTC, for the webinar titled “Integrating Research Data Management Services using maDMPs” hosted by the @RDA_US and presented by the RDA DMP Common Standards WG. 
    Please register here: 
    This webinar will familiarize participants with the RDA recommendation on machine-actionable DMPs. It will present an overview of existing adoptions and will provide information on how using the recommendation can help to automate typical tasks in data management and reduce the workload for everyone involved in this process. 
    This webinar targets ICT operators, such as DMP tool owners, repository operators, CRIS system operators, and other RDM services. The contents are also relevant for decision-makers and research support staff, e.g. data stewards, who will get a better understanding of ongoing developments in this area.
    Please also help us in promoting this webinar to your colleagues (see instructions below).
    LinkedIn – Please open, like and share the RDA LinkedIn announcement: 
    Twitter – Please open, like and retweet RDA webinar tweet: 
    We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at the webinar.
    Thank you.
    Yolanda and Stephanie


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