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Plenary 3 – Cloud Computing and Developing World Research

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    14:00-15:30 on Friday 28th of March


    Dr. Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway, University of London,

    Dr. Andrew Harrison, University of Essex,


    This interest group is based on the realisation that  open and publicly available data in a variety of different disciplines will make a significant impact in the Developing World, indeed potentially more so than in the Developed World. The data sets will vary significantly in size but many, for example those from Bioinformatics, will be very large and will present a significant challenge for the computing resources available  developing world. The provision of  cloud computing presents an opportunity to side-step those difficulties, allowing researchers to focus on their research rather then worrying about best practices and infrastructure. 

    In order to enable this it is clear that there is a funding requirement to enable such a system as well as training. 

    This Interest Group is tasked with identifying means of moving this idea forward. It will gather data on training resources available on cloud computing, with a clear focus on implementation rather than on the theory behind it and presenting possible use cases in the developing world. 

    What is also clear is that for this to proceed successfully then the issues of partnership and sustainability myst be addressed. Partnership is key in order for Developing World Researchers to get maximum use out these resources and sustainability is key in order to ensure that the programme lasts beyond an initial funding period.


    Range of cloud computing educational resources

       – domain 

       – review


    Case studies 


    Progressing from here :- 

       – the needs  

       – the funding 

       – sustainability / accreditation

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