DTR WG Plenary Two Activities

Data Type Registries WG: RDA Second Plenary (September 2013) Activities

We gave a short summary of progress at the Monday morning session. The video of that session, including the slides that were shown, can be seen at http://www.tvworldwide.com/events/rda/130916/globe_show/default_go_archive.cfm?gsid=2355 and the slides are available separately at https://rd-alliance.org/filedepot/folder/101?fid=278

We showed a poster (https://rd-alliance.org/filedepot/folder/101?fid=271) at the Monday night poster session. The QR code in the upper left is a link to the DTR WG home page.

We had an excellent breakout session at the end of the day on Tuesday. After introductions we went to use cases and related presentations. The use cases as they were documented before the Second Plenary are in a separate DTR WG wiki page which will be updated as we acquire additional use cases: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/data-type-registries-wg/wiki/use-cases-da...

Daan Broeder showed slides describing his Broad Functional Classification use case.


John Erickson showed slides describing his Object Registration Types use case.


Bill Regli showed slides describing the DataNet Federation Consortium Format Registry, providing a nice example of a project with which we need to consider interoperating.


 Giridhar Manepalli showed the last set of slides in the session, giving a Registry overview including the proposed data model.


Finally, on Wednesday, we gave a brief summary of the breakout session. Again, the video including slides is available


and the slides are available separately.


Nothing in that session appeared to change our fundamental path and we are still on schedule to deploy a prototype by the end of the year, which we hope to show in Dublin next March.