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Data Rescue IG => Data Conservation IG

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    Denise Hills

    Hello all,
    Thank you for your interest in the Data Rescue IG! A Data Rescue group at RDA has been a mainstay for years, but the focus of the previous IG has shifted away from just preservation of physical documents to a broader scope encompassing all data throughout the data lifecycle. Our session at P13 ( was designed as a discussion to effectively “reboot” the IG with the needs of the community in mind. There were no presentation materials – just flip charts and markers to encourage discussion.
    The room was surveyed as to why they chose to come to the session, and certain recurring themes came to light. These included the process for data rescue and maintenance;, assessing data value with respect to rescue/conservation; leveraging citizen scientists and the broader community in data conservation; repository identification; data discovery and accessibility; and technological challenges (see photos of initial discussion for complete list of topics mentioned).
    The participants split into two groups to facilitate discussion on a smaller scale, to try to identify a plan forward. The scope of the issue at hand was discussed (see image) and the potential participants/stakeholders (see image). One group described a generalized process for data rescue while the other group dove deeper into that process. Overall, the consensus was that developing a Data Conservation process should be considered the focus of a rebooted IG.
    The current Data Rescue IG will therefore be moved to “historical status” and a new IG, Data Conservation, is being proposed. A start on the Charter is here.
    What we need from you:
    * Should you be interested in these new directions, please join the new IG to carry the conversation forward.
    * Help identifying new co-chairs, keeping in mind diversity of all types! If you would be interested in co-chairing this group, please email Denise directly, dhills [at]
    * Identifying and contacting interested participants, and then directing others interested in conservation to join the new IG
    * Help shape the Charter by adding your comments and edits to the google doc
    We appreciate your continued interest in making data available and usable throughout the data life cycle, and are excited to be moving forward with new clarity and motivation! Thank you to all who have contributed to the conversation thus far; although we do not have a formal session proposed for P14, we hope to see some of you there!
    Denise Hills and Steve Diggs (outgoing Data Rescue co-chairs)
    Denise Hills
    Director, Energy Investigations
    Geological Survey of Alabama
    +1-205-247-3694 (office)
    +1-205-239-8191 (cell)

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