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Re: [drawg] Final (bonus) RDA DRAWG meeting tomorrow

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    Matthew Jones

    Hi Michael and WG members,
    Thanks for your efforts in putting together this repository attributes
    proposal. We’ve been using the ESIP-endorsed Guidelines for describing
    so I thought it might be helpful to see how the RDA WG proposed attributes
    mapped onto the ESIP recommendation. Nicely, there is a lot of
    alignment. I opened a ticket in the repository
    to try to
    further align these efforts, and I thought that material might be useful to
    DRAWG too. I attach below a JSON-LD metadata file that describes the Arctic
    Data Center with a union of the attributes from the ESIP guidelines and the
    RDA proposed set. You’ll see that of the 28 top-level attributes that I
    found across both documents, I was able to map 22 of them to reasonable properties, while the remaining 6 I put in the “example”
    namespace as a placeholder until it can be determined where they should go.
    The document is attached, and the 6 properties I couldn’t map are:
    – “ex:persistentIdentifiers”
    – “ex:machineInteroperability”
    – “ex:metadata”
    – “ex:curation”
    – “ex:preservationPolicy
    – “ex:termsOfAccess”
    I’ve also included a csv mapping file that shows the correspondence between
    the RDA attributes and the properties that I thought best
    matched. Hope you all find this helpful, and looking forward to the results
    of your work.
    *Matthew B. Jones*
    ORCID: 0000-0003-0077-4738
    Director of Informatics R&D, National Center for Ecological Analysis and
    PI, NSF Arctic Data Center
    Director, DataONE program
    University of California Santa Barbara
    On Wed, Oct 18, 2023 at 11:11 AM mwittin via Data Repository Attributes WG wrote:

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