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RDA DRAWG November Monthly Meeting

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    Michael Witt

    Dear all,
    Attached please find our third iteration of the Data Repository Attributes Concept Guide by the “tiger team” of Lindsey Anderson, Kathleen Shearer, and myself, which is also available via Google Drive.
    Our primary activity on Thursday will be to breakout into groups to answer the question, what is missing in the guide?
    We will ask the groups to submit these missing concepts with a brief rationale for the concept (i.e., why it’s important) and a suggestion if it could be incorporated into an existing concept or if a new one should be created and added to the list.
    On behalf of your RDA DRAWG Co-Chairs, we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

    Michael Witt, Purdue University
    Associate Professor of Library Science
    Purdue Libraries and School of Information Studies


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