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Emphasizing: Need More Help on Outputs: Tomorrow: RDA Data Granularity WG Meeting

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    Katherine McNeill

    Dear all,
    To add to what Brigitte said, we have many important Outputs to work on over the next few months, but to do so we really need new participants in the tasks. (We really appreciate the work members have been doing–juggling amongst their core jobs and other RDA work–but the volume of work is such that we really need “many hands” to accomplish it).
    So regardless of how active you’ve been to date, please do consider coming to today’s meeting, and/or reaching out to one of us to contribute to one of the subgroups. Even if you can only contribute a small amount (e.g., a couple of hours), any help is valuable to help us keep making progress.
    Very sincerely,
    Katy McNeill
    DataWorks! Program Director
    +1 301 634 7151 (O)
    From: Mathiak, Brigitte
    Sent: 17 August 2022 12:26
    To: Reyna Jenkyns ; ***@***.***; Katherine McNeill
    Cc: Esther Plomp ; Graham Smith ; ***@***.***; Bell, Darren S ; Romain David ; Amy Nurnberger ; Little, Chris ; Stephanie Hagstrom ; #SUN GUANGYUAN# ; David Elbert ; Christine Laney (US) ; ***@***.***; Isabelle Perseil ; Saldanha Bach, Janete ; Stotzka, Rainer (SCC)
    Subject: Agenda for tomorrow: RDA Data Granularity WG Meetings
    Dear members of the RDA Data Granularity WG,
    The summer and vacation time is coming to an end, and we will reconvene for another meeting of our group.
    We recently received a reminder from the RDA that we are due to present the results of the working group early next year, so the big topic of this meeting is what we plan to achieve by then and how.
    This is the agenda:
    1. Welcome
    2. Introductions
    3. Chairs Update
    * Podcast now published – see Episode 3 at
    1. Recruit presentations for September and October meetings
    2. Subgroup updates
    * Use Cases
    * Survey
    * Constraints
    1. Transitioning to the next phase of work in conjunction with timeline of next plenaries
    * Phase 1: conclude end of October. Finalize sub-group work and prepare summary to present to rest of WG
    * Phase 2: Nov to Feb. Draft guidance paper, complete analysis of sub-group work.
    * Phase 3: March to May. Gather feedback from draft through wider circulation in the RDA community, including presentation at the RDA plenary in Sweden. After plenary, finalize and publish paper. Aim to hold a webinar in May.
    * Post-WG: Follow up with adoptions, and present again at the International Data Week.
    1. Other Business
    I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces.
    All the best,
    Brigitte (and Reyna and Katy)


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