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working agenda for the RDA DFT WG Breakout sessions, agenda

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    RDA workshop – DFT Breakout Sessions Agenda

    The Data Foundation and Terminology Working Group describes a basic abstract data organization model which can be used to derive a reference data terminology that can be used across communities and stakeholders to better synchronize conceptualization, enable better understanding within and between communities and stimulate tool building.
    The following is the working agenda for the 2 DFT Breakout session being held Tuesday 17th September in theWashington Marriott (1221 22nd Street NW
    Washington, DC ) –  Salon A. There will be a teleconferencing link provided for remote attendees, from our RDA WG page for those registered as part of the WG.
     DFT Session  1      (9-11) Co-Chairs Peter Wittenburg and Gary Berg-Cross
    Overview of the DFT Breakout Session- Goals and Plan                  Gary/Peter
    Formal State of the WG and Case Statement                                     Gary
    Brief overview of Draft Docs and their schedule                                Peter
    Review Doc1 -Model Overview                                                              Peter 
    -Review Doc2 – Data Model Analysis                                                    Peter
    Review Doc3 – Analysis of Workflow                                                     Gary
    Review Doc4 – Synthesis                                                                          Peter
    General Discussion (including remote participants)                           All
    Any changes to 2nd Session                                                                    All
    Session – Part 2 (11:15-12:15)
    Draft Method on Vocabulary Development Process                         Gary
    Comments on Vocabulary Development by Joe Hourcle (NASA)
    Discussion of Proposed Process
    Proposal on how to start Doc5 seeded with 3-4 terms                                   Peter
    Persistent Identifier
    Digital Object – Data Object
    Collection – Data Set – Aggregation
    Repository (and related Policies?)
     Discussion of the above and other Key Vocabulary Ideas
                Soliciting ideas for candidate vocabulary items
    Liaison with other WGs and their topics including follow on work. 
    Formalizing action items & getting commitments for work, -e.g. reviews of the draft documents and vocabulary and also discuss WG
    Plan for follow up virtual meeting. 


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