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Requirements and use cases for the DFT term gathering application

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    Raphael Ritz

    A collection of features that we need or want in order to support the WG’s term gathering effort.

    Access policy

    A1. No anonymous contributions -> login feature required

    A2. Traceable user source -> authentication against RDA user base preferred (required?)

    A3. We work fully in the open -> no private areas/pages required

    Content policy

    C1. Everyone should be able to suggest terms -> everyone needs “add content” privileges

    C2. Collaborative editing (do we want that?) -> if so, everyone needs “edit content” privileges

    C3. Term pages should be structured in an agreed upon way. If we want to enforce that we need the add/edit forms to reflect that

    C4. Commenting (either in text or dedicated) -> obvious way to add comments required

    Further features

    F1. Discoverability of recent additions and changes -> email notifications or timeline or watching/staring required
       (RR: do we insist on email notifications or is that rather considered noise?)
    F2. Versioning/revision log/diff views — do we want or need that? (RR: at the very least a “nice to have”)

    F3. Categorization — do we want or need to be able to tag or categorize content?

    F4. Relations — do we want or need to be able to establish (typed?) relations between pages/terms?

    F5. Voting — do we need a way beyond comments for people to express (dis)agreement?


    S1. Content export -> certainly nice to have but do we require that? (and if so in what format and to what level of detail?)

    S2. Open source code base -> in the spirit of RDA this would be appreciated but should we require that?

    S3. Ease of administration and deployment

    related: candidate applications

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