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Data Foundation and Terminology: Plenary 4 outcomes

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    We worked hard on creating an improved set of documents for DFT which we can present at P4. It includes

    –          Model overview

    –          Model analysis

    –          Snapshot of core terms

    We are working on a Use Case document which we hope to present at P4 and we should also mention the Term tool which is available for interactions.


    Most important is the snapshot paper since it tries to converge some core definitions to enable new discussions with the many communities. We call this snapshot for reasons explained in the document. At P4 we will present this snapshot and immediately after P4 we will finish our DFT work (there are still some gaps which we need to fill).

    We also attached a report that may interest you in so far as it covers conclusions from more than 100 interviews and interactions with various communities which we did in Europe. In appendix B and C you can see with which communities we did interviews and at which meetings we participated including more or less intensive interactions. In the meetings we normally presented (a.o.) the intentions of the DFT, PP, PIT and DTR working groups to get feedback. In particular we presented the core conceptualization being discussed in DFT and we got quite some comments. Mostly it seems that communities understand and accept the basic conceptualization.


    The plan for the future is as follows (there will be a document explaining this in more detail):

    –          Finish the 4 core documents immediately after P4 (future maintenance will be done in the framework of DF IG or a new group)

    –          Clean up our web presentation.

    –          Maintain the Term tool (also as part of DF IG or by a new group, maintenance by RZG)

    –          Create a 2-page flyer with key messages and terms

    –          intensify the interactions with the communities. Here a difference between EU and other regions may occur in so far as in EU we will contact all communities (about 60) again with whom we had more or less intensive interactions already – see lists in B/C). Also in the US we have a number of contacts with whom we will interact about the core terms. The flyer is in so far important since no one will read lengthy documents.

    –          Intensify our interactions with other WGs and IGs via chairs meetings etc.

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