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Cancel the monthly call on this Wednesday (15th)

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    Mingfang Wu

    Dear All,
    We are going to have a group session at the RDA plenary, so we cancel this month’s group call on Wednesday (15th).
    Our group session, “Recommendations for data repositories to improve data discoverability”, is scheduled in the Breakout 6 (10-11:30 UTC | 11:00-12:30 Sweden, Thursday 23 March 2023), with the objectives: to update the group progress, and to continue our monthly discussion on conceptualising and writing on draft: Ten simple rules for data repositories/catalogues to improve data discoverability.
    We hope to see more of you joining the session and contribute to the idealisation and writing up the recommendations.
    Kind regards,
    Co-chairs: Kathleen, Fotis and Ming

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    Hello and thanks for the great session at the plenary !

    Do you already know when will next month meeting happen ?


    Dimitri Szabo

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    Mingfang Wu

    Hello Dimitri and All,
    Thank you and all of those who were able to participate in the group
    session yesterday. As Dmitri said, it was a great session with such great
    energy throughout the session.
    For those members who were unable to participate, here is the short summary
    of the session:
    *”The session continued our group’s monthly call, it started with a short
    introduction to the group and group activity. 80% of session time was
    contributed to the discussion of the working draft Ten simple rules for
    data repositories/catalogues to improve data discoverability
    Participants contributed valuable ideas and suggestions to shape and
    advance this work.”*
    *We gathered many ideas and contents to advance the work on ten rules. We
    will focus our efforts for the next 6 (monthly) calls, aiming to have a
    ready version for the next plenary #21 in October. *
    *The group has a regular monthly call on the third Wednesday of each month,
    starting 12pm UTC, for an hour. The next one is the19th April. *
    *We will send a reminder email of the meeting a couple of days ahead of
    each meeting. *
    *In between the calls, we encourage you, especially those who were unable
    to join the monthly calls, to add your ideas and suggestions to the
    above **Google
    doc on ten rules.*
    *Kind regards,*
    *Kathleen, Fotis and Ming*
    On Fri, Mar 24, 2023 at 12:05 AM Dimitri Szabo via Data Discovery Paradigms
    IG wrote:

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