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RDA for the Sustainable Development Goals

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    Collaborative session notes:
    Meeting Agenda:
    –Report of ongoing SDG-related work and WG/IG mapping activity (20 minutes)
    –Review of Organizational partnerships and strategies for strengthening ties (20 minutes)
    –Review and revise Working Group case statement draft and membership roles (40 minutes)
    –Next steps (10 minutes)
    The aim of the meeting agenda is three-fold: 
    1) Define activities ongoing within the RDA that could align with the SDGs
    2) Select representatives active in this work familiar with strategies for forming organizational partnerships with the RDA
    3) Assess key needs/gaps for the UN addressable by these RDA activities and form a case-statement for a working or interest group.

    1. First group option
    Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Data IG

    3.Third group option
    Health Data Interest Group

    Additional links to informative material
    Sustainable Development Goals Interoperability Data Collaborative:
    Interoperability: A practitioner’s guide to joining-up data in the development sector:
    A Vision for the Humanitarian Use of Emerging Technology for Emerging Needs:
    ICSU, ISSC (2015): Review of the Sustainable Development Goals: The Science Perspective. Paris: International Council for Science (ICSU).
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    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    in previous Plenaries the Data for Development IG has focused on the need of data to solve major issues of concern to in particular developing countries such as poverty, inequality, education, gender which are all also SDG targets. The sUAS group has focused on data challenges related to new and emerging technologies, many outcomes of which are relevant for data colleciton for the SDGs. Discussions within The Health Data IG have been highly productive surrounding health and clinical informatics and use of large electronic health record data, as well as related topics of patient and data privacy. Work underway within the RDA secretariat has focused on how RDA outputs and recommendations can be disseminated and packaged to support efforts of other organizations or community development initiatives. Such efforts include increasing organizational collaboration and integration of RDA outputs within education curricula, directly aligning with the mission of the UN interoperability collaborative. The RDA summers schools and education for librarians IG is well-experienced in crafting portfolios for targeted audiences, and will share as a part of this joint session.
    Further descriptions of activities and scope of the groups involved (independently and jointly) are available via the following links:
    RDA Data for Development Interest Group:
    RDA Health Data Interest Group:
    RDA Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Data Interest Group:…
    RDA P11 session – Ethics in FAIR Data: Ethical and practical issues of data sharing and usage within and across disciplines…
    RDA Plenary 13th – Data for Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities. (2019). YouTube. Retrieved 6 June 2019, from
    Joint Session IG Data for Development, IG Health Data, IG Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Data – RDA 13th Plenary Meeting. (2019). RDA. Retrieved 6 June 2019, from
    RDA Output Adoption Webinar Series: Outputs to Support Reproducible Health Research. (2019). RDA. Retrieved 6 June 2019, from

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Lindsay Barbieri

    I declare that I have informed the chairs of all the Working / Interest groups included in this joint meeting application.

    Meeting objectives
    In reflecting on the sessions and feedback throughout the p13, some of the major takeaways and potential next steps on SDG work are as follows:
    –Create adoption/output portfolio for the development sector audience
    Such a portfolio could be a brief summary of RDA-alignment with the SDG work and some educational materials, such as a webinar, describing how RDA outputs could be applicable to social and technical issues surrounding work in the SDGs. We’d also thought featuring testimonials of people working in the SDGs who recognize the RDA’s benefit or have used RDA outputs in past within their work would be beneficial. We’re in contact with members of the RDA summers schools and education for librarians IG who are well-experienced in crafting similar portfolios for targeted audiences, but any guidance you could offer in how such a portfolio could be impactful would be more than welcome.
    –Assess existing RDA groups and partnerships aligned with the development sector
    Given the diverse avenues for developing a working group or interest group and some slight disagreement that arose during the session wherein we hoped to define the objectives of this potential IG/WG, we felt it might be helpful to review ongoing activities within the RDA community. We will assess their alignment with the SDGs and select representatives from these activities who might be amenable to discussing the objectives of a potential WG/IG surrounding the SDGs and strategies for forming a partnership with the UN. These representatives may also have previous experience with forming organizational partnerships or may themselves represent a RDA organizational partner. 
    The aim being three-fold: 
    1) Define activities ongoing within the RDA that could align with the SDGs
    2) Select representatives active in this work familiar with strategies for forming organizational partnerships with the RDA
    3) Assess key needs/gaps for the UN addressable by these RDA activities and form a case-statement for a working or interest group.
    Many of the topics covered in the IN2N publication could be of interest to the UN and represent the sorts of contributions the RDA-community could offer. Ensuring the final publication reaches the attention of the UN could be a worthwhile strategy.

    Privacy Policy

    Target Audience
    Any members of the RDA community who are interested in discussing: the recently released “interoperability: a practitioner’s guide to joining up data in the development sector” (October 2018), or other ways in which the SDGs data needs align directly with RDA’s ongoing and upcoming outputs, recommendations, interest group, and working group activities. Anyone RDA members who (as a part of IGs, WGs, or other activities) are currently seeking engagement with the SDGs.

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