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RDA for the SDG IG – information, questionnaire and planning of session at 16th plenary

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    Sorry for any cross-posting!
    Dear colleagues,
    As you may all know in the meantime the RDA for the SDGs IG has been officially endorsed and we are pleased to announce that our session for the next virtual plenary has been accepted and will take place November 10th 2020 from 5-6.30 PM UTC. You may find details on the session outline here
    In this context we would like to reach out to you members to invite you to present activities you individually or within other IGs/WGs think may be important/interesting to the aim of the session. In particular the aims are as follows:
    1) Present activities ongoing within the RDA that could align with the SDGs
    2) Explore representatives active in this work familiar with strategies for forming organizational partnerships with the RDA
    3) Assess key needs/gaps for the UN addressable by these RDA activities
    May we please ask you to fill in this questionnaire by until October 16th 2020. Please forward this email to other RDA members you think may be interested in joining the activities of the RDA for the SDGs IG and the plenary session.
    Best wishes
    Anthony, Devika, Ingvill, and Lindsay
    Co-chairs RDA for the Sustainable Development Goals IG

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