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[NFDI4Ing] Industrial data models in theory and practice: The CC41 Community Meeting

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    Dear RDA members,
    Modelling complex information and its interrelations is vital for sustainable data management, but achieving a common understanding and language for these models is challenging. Connecting models from different yet similar use cases, like injection molding and hot rolling, presents interesting opportunities.
    What parameters impact both processes similarly?
    Are there advantages to considering both models simultaneously?
    These questions and more can only be answered by examining multiple models built on a shared foundation.
    To establish this common ground, experts from research data management (RDM) and production engineering gather at our yearly meeting.
    The Community Meeting of mechanical and industrial engineering (CC41) of the NFDI4Ing will take place online on August 10, 2023, from 09:00 to 14:15 CEST.
    It focuses on “Industrial data models in theory and practice: Basics and use cases from production engineering.”
    The event offers an opportunity for professionals to come together and discuss data model related topics.
    For more information about the meeting, including the agenda and registration, please visit the following link:
    The meeting agenda comprises two blocks. The first block addresses the needs of the mechanical and production engineering research community, presenting different data model approaches. Alongside solutions, challenges and hurdles will also be discussed.
    Following a lunch break, NFDI4Ing and other organizations will present their solutions, fostering a shared understanding of terminologies, ontologies mappings, and an interactive session on the metadata4ing ontology.
    The Community Meeting will be held virtually and is open to all interested participants, free of charge.
    Feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues.
    We are excited to have you join us in this event.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ( or
    We look forward to the exchange!
    For the community of mechanical and industrial engineering (CC41)
    Tobias Hamann (he, him, his)
    Group Leader
    WZL | RWTH Aachen University
    Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management & Institute for Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Robert Schmitt)
    Data Intelligence
    Data-Driven Capabilites

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