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CURE-FAIR WG Information

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    Thu-Mai Lewis

    The goal of the CURE-FAIR working group is to establish guidelines and standards for curating for reproducible and FAIR data and code.

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    Subgroup 1: CURE-FAIR Definitions

    Provide a broader understanding of what it means to curate research artifacts (e.g., data, code, software) for the purposes of supporting research reproducibility in the context of FAIR principles

    ▪ Identify existing definitions of curation for reproducibility
    ▪ Align definitions of curation for reproducibility to FAIR principles
    ▪ Address incongruencies between CURE definitions and FAIR principles

    Report that summarizes existing definitions of curation for reproducibility and the degree to which these definitions align with FAIR principles

    Subgroup 2: CURE-FAIR Practices

    Explore curation for reproducibility practices as tey are implemented in various disciplinary domains and by different stakeholder groups

    Identify individuals and groups from various disciplinary domians who are actively engaged in curation for reproducibility
    Compare data and code curation practices across disciplinary domains

    Report that provides an overview of existing CURE practices, with detailed case studies that represent implementation of these practices by different stakeholder groups in different disciplinary contexts

    Subgroup 3: CURE-FAIR Challenges

    Describe the challenges of preparing and reusing materials required for computational reproducibility

    Collect information from various stakeholders (researchers, data curators, information professionals, IT, repositories, publishers, funders) about their challenges

    Report summarizing findings: See

    Subgroup 4: CURE-FAIR + RDA

    Synthesize and bridge RDA outputs, recommendations, and WG/IG activities aligned with CURE-FAIR

    Assess the breadth of RDA outputs, recommendations, and WG/IG activities that support the curation and operationalization of computational reproducibility
    Review existing and upcoming RDA activities aligned with CURE-FAIR, as well as strategies supporting aligned adoption and overall value

    Report and adoption guide to support the implementation of CURE-FAIR definitions and practices


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