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Immediate RDA Finance issue

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    Mark Parsons

    Dear RDA Finance Subcommittee,
    We have been rather quiet the last year or so, but it is time to revive. 🙂
    First, I have a short term request.
    The America Geophysical Union (AGU) submitted a Letter of Interest and now have been invited to submit a proposal to the Arnold Foundation around harmonizing practice among publishers and repositories for making data and related artifacts available along with research articles. Sound familiar? It’s very much associated with the whole data publishing suite of Recommendations coming out of RDA.
    They are eager to work within RDA to get a lot of their work done by establishing new WGs, promoting and improving Recommendations, etc.; but they need some hand holding and would like my involvement. They plan to support the groups with some side meetings and travel for key members to Montreal and Berlin.
    I have convinced them that some support of the business of RDA is necessary along with support for the work done by the groups. They would like me to be on their steering committee and are willing to pay me a $10,000 honorarium. They will also employ a full time project manager to coordinate the groups. They agreed that person would coordinate closely with the secretariat, may also be a liaison to other WGs and IGs, and would generally facilitate interconnection across groups. The travel support may also take some of the load off regional RDA/x projects. AGU will also join as an Organisational Member ($2,000 p.a.).
    The catch is they want me on the Steering Committee not necessarily the new SG. I am (presumably) better known and have a deeper understanding of our existing Recommendations and Groups. I am willing to do this as a consultant. It doesn’t help pay the SG, but it’s one less thing they have to worry about and could do alot to grow and sustain a suite of RDA Recommendations.
    So there is no real direct support of the RDA business other than Organisational Membership, but there will be some help and the spirit seems good. It adds to a small but growing list of projects trying to make small side contributions to RDA business.
    I have tentatively agreed to this. I hope you agree. The proposal is due 1 May.
    Finally, there are several issues we need to address, in light of the Secretary General transition. I will provide you several plans and financial statements in the coming weeks for consideration.

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    Dear Mark
    You are right, we have to consider RDA Finance issues. The AGU offer sounds interesting, the decision time window for us (1 week: 1st May) a bit short due to the changes of persons in the council etc.
    Concerning the RDA finance issues I would be happy to receive an up-date of the current situation. May be you have included it in the P9 meeting package. If not I would be happy to get an up-date the next days.
    Best Doris

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    Mark Parsons

    Yes, Doris, the decision time is short. When I was originally approached by AGU when they were writing the Letter of Intent, I thought it was fairly minor and not likely to provide any money for the RDA business. I find recent development quite promising, so I think we need to be responsive to their offer.

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    Mark Parsons

    Great. Thanks, Doris. Copying the finance committee list for the record.

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    Hi Mark,
    From Fran, Ross and me you get support to help AGU developing a close interaction with RDA. We would be happy if AGU becomes an organizational member, after your leave as SG of RDA we will welcome your engagement for AGU in RDA.
    So go on!!! Good luck
    Best Doris

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