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where to add new use-cases?

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    Daan Broeder

    Dear all,
    after the very nice session we had in Goteborg, I am now looking for a place to add a new community use-case & tool description, in-line with what we discussed in the session.
    Probably a template structure to elicit also some metadata would be nice. I am not in a hurry, but it would be good to keep momentum.
    Daan Broeder

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    Dear Daan, dear Complex Citation WG members,
    thanks, Daan, for reaching out to us.
    We have set up a google spreadsheet to collect use cases. Our three
    discussed ones are included.
    There is second blank sheet to collect information on available tools.
    If you want to provide further information, please feel free to add columns.
    And here is the link:
    Best wishes,
    Martina, Shelley, Deb, Lesley

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