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Welcome to the RDA Complex Citation Working Group!

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    Shelley Stall

    Dear Complex Citation WG team,
    If you are new to the WG, or have been with us from the beginning, thank you for supporting and participating in this work.
    Our next working session will be in early June. The primary objective is to review the goals for the WG and stand up the teams and milestones. The good news is that we have done a good amount of pre-work over the last months and years. Through RDA we are well-positioned to create a recommendation that includes:
    1. Best practice in creating a collection/package of digital objects that are hosted by one or more data centers/repositories.
    2. Research infrastructure that enables credit to be acknowledged for each individual element of a collection/package of digital objects.
    3. Journal guidance that supports authors using a collection/package that enables citation of each individual digital object.
    4. Indexer guidance that provides guidance for proper credit and attribution.
    Summary of 2023 activities:
    A. Feb 2023: Complex Citation working group endorsed by RDA.
    B. Mar 2023: RDA P20 session Complex Citations in the Earth and Space Sciences: Formulating Requirements for a Demonstration Prototype. Well attended with a nearly full meeting room. We reviewed the use cases and invited participation.
    C. Apr 2023: European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly Town Hall, ​​ Complex Citations: Current Work to Ensure Proper Credit for 100+-cited Data and Software Objects
    D. May 2023: PV2023 Poster, Focusing on Scalable Citations to Improve Data Usability and FAIRness (Where PV means Preservation and Value)
    Actions for you!
    1. If you have not already done so, please add yourself to the Complex Citation email list by joining the group in RDA. RDA membership is free.
    2. Provide your use case, preferably before 26 May or soonest! You can either send an email to the co-chairs (***@***.*** , ***@***.***, ***@***.*** , ***@***.*** ) describing your use case, or post it in our RDA workspace. The 26 May date will help with the RDA Tiger Grant application.
    Upcoming Planned Events:
    1. July: ESIP meeting, session submitted that includes an update on this WG
    2. Oct: RDA 21, working on submission
    3. Dec: #AGU23, submitted a Town Hall and a more general session
    Please note, each of our meetings will have two events to accommodate all time zones. You will likely receive two meeting invitations for each event. Please accept the one that works best for your time zone.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone in June!
    Best Regards,
    Complex Citation Co-Chairs
    Deb Agarwal, Martina Stockhause, Lesley Wyborn, Shelley Stall
    Shelley Stall
    VP, Open Science Leadership
    202-777-7307(O) | (240) 676-0774(M)
    2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009
    Pronouns: She/Her; ORCID: 0000-0003-2926-8353

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