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Re: RDA P20 sessions conflict

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    Lesley Wyborn

    Dear Irina
    “Expanding our horizons to new disciplines: harmonising on what is core to all” is from the Physical Samples IG which is being led by Australians. AM blocks are the only ones that are really suitable for that.
    Complex citations is more US/European based so it would be the better one to move to a PM session.
    Is it possible to see the draft program? I am worried that if I move one session it will clash with something else.
    Take care
    From: Secretariat
    Date: Friday, 9 December 2022 at 10:06 pm
    To: Lesley Wyborn , ***@***.*** , ***@***.*** , ***@***.***
    Cc: Secretariat
    Subject: RDA P20 sessions conflict
    Dear Lesley,
    The programme scheduling for the RDA P20 is underway and we found out that two of your sessions have a conflict.
    ‘’ Expanding our horizons to new disciplines: harmonising on what is core to all’’ and ‘’Complex Citations in the Earth and Space Sciences: Formulating Requirements for a Demonstration Prototype’’ are currently conflicting with each other and scheduled in the same breakout 3 (Day 2, AM block, Wednesday, 22 March 2023). We can offer to move one of the two sessions in conflict to a.) Breakout 1, Day 1, PM block, Tuesday 21 March 2023 or b.) Breakout 7, Day 3, PM block, Thursday 23 March 2023.
    Please let us know which of the two sessions and which breakout slot you would like to move. We will appreciate if you could confirm your decision by Tuesday, 13 December end of your day.
    Kind regards,
    Irina Hope
    On behalf of RDA Secretariat and P20 Organising Committee

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