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RDA Magazine

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    Stefanie Kethers

    Dear all,
    I had a chat to Ross today about the “RDA in Oceania” bit for the RDA
    Magazine, and it is not politically advisable to include anything in the
    RDA Magazine at this point. So, unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide
    content on that 🙁
    We also talked about the ANDS dataimpact stories (…);
    can you please let me know what you would want me to do with those in terms
    of the RDA Magazine?

    *Stefanie Kethers *Senior Business Analyst | *Australian National Data
    Director of Operations | *Research Data Alliance*
    M: +61 405 844 197 | E: ***@***.*** | W:
    Physical address: Monash University, Building F, Level 6, 900 Dandenong
    Road, Caulfield East, VIC 3145
    Postal address: ANDS Office, Monash University F610, PO Box 197, Caulfield
    East VIC 3145
    Please note that I do not work Wednesdays (Australian time).
    Working in partnership with Nectar and RDS
    *Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. *

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    Dear all,
    An update from me: I am trying to put together a story on the 23 Things in
    Australia, plus (maybe)
    a DDRI story, though that will be tricky, for the RDA magazine.
    How long / detailed do the stories need to be?
    On 7 August 2017 at 16:40, StefanieKethers

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    Timea Biro

    Hi again Stefanie,
    anywhere between 500 and 1000 words would do just fine… even less if
    you think it’s a better choice.
    Our designer will create the layout based on the text and suggest the
    I hope this helps.

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    Dear all,
    Here is a first draft of the 23 Things article:
    It relies heavily on an article Natasha Simons wrote for RDA (
    plus some information on the ANDS 23 Things pages. I have asked Natasha and
    another colleague to have a look at the text,
    but your comments would also be very welcome. (I have only given you
    commenting rights, as my colleagues may be making changes to the text,
    and I don’t want things to get too confusing. I hope that’s OK.)

  • #131597

    I have just spoken to Amir, while he will have a few good adoption stories,
    they (except for the Gesis one, which Laura (?)
    is working on with Ben) won’t be ready to be written up for a few months.
    I’ll touch base with him again in late October, but this does not help us
    for this edition of the magazine 🙁
    On 14 August 2017 at 14:01, StefanieKethers

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