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Fwd: ARDC News (formerly ANDS, Nectar, RDS News)

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    Stefanie Kethers

    Hi all,
    I had a chat to Andrew today about how we could increase content
    contributions to the RDA newsletter (and possibly other communication
    channels) from Australia, and he pointed out that we could also potentially
    repurpose content from the ARDC newsletter (see below for the latest;
    licensing is described at the bottom of the newsletter). For example, we
    might be able to use the “Summer Institute: DH Downunder 2018”, “Forum:
    Digital Humanities Pathways”, and “Community of Practice: Sensitive Data –
    Kickoff meeting” from this particular newsletter for a November newsletter.
    What do you think?
    ARDC News – Upcoming Webinars and other Events plus the latest jobs
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    In this edition:
    – TODAY Webinar: Ready, Set, Go! Join the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global
    – ARDC Statewide consultations
    – Webinar: Make your data count
    – Symposium: NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation: Ensuring Value in
    – Global Sprint: Top 10 FAIR Data Things
    – Summer Institute: DH Downunder 2018
    – Forum: Digital Humanities Pathways
    – Community of Practice: Sensitive Data – Kickoff meeting

    – Jobs
    [image: calendar]EVENTS AND WEBINARS
    TODAY Webinar: Ready, Set, Go! Join the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global
    Sprint! *Tue 20 Nov, 11:00 – 11:30 AEDT*
    Join this webinar to learn more about the Sprint, how you and your work
    team can get involved and what you can expect to get out of being part of
    such an exciting global initiative. The aim of the Sprint is to create
    brief guides (stand alone, self paced training materials) that can be used
    by the research community to understand FAIR (Findable, Accessible,
    Interoperable, Reusable) in different contexts. All resources created will
    be made available for anyone to adopt, adapt and reuse for their own
    training purposes.
    ARDC Statewide consultations
    *NSW – 22 Nov, ACT – 23 Nov, VIC – 27 Nov, TAS – 28 Nov QLD – 3 Dec, SA –
    5 Dec, WA – 6 Dec*
    As part of the strategic planning cycle ARDC wishes to engage with a range
    of resource providers, institutions and research organisations,
    e-infrastructure providers, peak bodies and government. Virtual attendance
    is available at the NSW and QLD events.
    More details
    Webinar: Make your data count *Tue 27 Nov, 12:00 – 13:00 AEDT*
    Learn more about the Make Data Count (MDC) project and the five steps you
    can take to make the data in your repository count. Hear from MDC project
    team members who have already implemented MDC in the dash and
    DataOne repositories. Learn from their experience, see the results and ask
    Symposium: NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation: Ensuring Value in
    Research *Sydney, 27 – 28 Nov*
    An opportunity for everyone with an interest in ensuring value in health
    and medical research to share ideas, expertise and experience.
    The symposium will address some of the key challenges in making the results
    of research available.
    Global Sprint: Top 10 FAIR Data Things * 29 – 30 Nov*
    The objective of this global initiative is to create brief guides (stand
    alone, self paced training materials) that can be used by the research
    community to understand FAIR in different contexts as well as some initial
    steps to consider. Everyone is welcome to contribute.
    More information
    Summer Institute: DH Downunder 2018 *Sydney, 3-7 Dec*
    Digital Humanities Downunder is now accepting registrations for the 2018
    summer institute for training in Digital Research methods and approaches.
    This low-cost event is aimed at students, academics, professionals and
    early career researchers.
    Forum: Digital Humanities Pathways *Sydney, Fri 7 Dec 9:00 – 17:00 AEDT*
    Presented by Tinker, the Forum will bring together researchers and
    professionals to speak about the links between research, data, and national
    infrastructure. It is an opportunity for humanities, arts and social
    science (HASS) scholars and collecting sector (galleries, libraries,
    archives and museums) professionals to find out about contemporary data and
    technology-intensive research and collection practices.
    Community of Practice: Sensitive Data – Kickoff meeting *Wed 12 Dec 12:00
    – 13:00 AEDT*
    This CofP will provide an opportunity for anyone interested to discuss the
    challenges and strategies for managing this type of data. The idea for a
    Sensitive Data Community of Practice came out of the ‘Sensitive data: how
    do you do yours?’ eResearch Australasia Birds of a Feather session, where
    there was indicated an interest in a continuing discussion around sensitive
    More information
    [image: jobs]JOBS
    – *Technical Support Person – ARDC*
    (closes 23 Nov)
    – *Business Analyst – ARDC*
    (closes 23 Nov)
    – *Digital Curation Manager – University of Sydney
    (closes 26 Nov)
    – *Lecturer, Data Science – Monash University
    (closes 29 Nov)
    – *Research Data Management Lead – Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of
    Medical Research
    (closes 30 Nov)
    – *System Support Officer – Pawsey/CSIRO*
    (closes 30 Nov)
    – *Research Data Scientist – University of Sydney
    (closes 2 Dec)
    – *Business Development and Communications Manager – QCIF
    4 Dec)
    [image: click for support]
    *Read the Data impact eBook
    Read the Impact eBook
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    an organisation built from Australian National Data Service (ANDS),
    National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (Nectar) and Research
    Data Services (RDS)
    The ARDC is supported by the Australian Government through the National
    Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy
    ARDC is supported by the following lead institutions:
    – Monash University
    – The University of Melbourne
    – The University of Queensland
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    *Dr Stefanie Kethers*
    Senior Business Analyst |* Australian Research Data Commons*
    Director of Operations |* Research Data Alliance *
    M: +61 405 844 197 | E: ***@***.*** | W:
    Physical Address: Monash University, ARDC Office, Building T, Ground Floor,
    100 Sir John Monash Drive, Caulfield East, VIC 3145
    Postal Address: ARDC Office, Monash University, T116, PO Box 197, Caulfield
    East VIC 3145
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    HI Stefanie
    I think this is a clever idea – we can even re-publish relevant events
    in the RDA website.
    @Alex: can you include the events that Stefanie mentions in the events
    section of the newsletter you are drafting? It will be too late for the
    December newsletter. We may also try and add some other events if any.
    BTW: for the December newsletter we car re-start working on the shared
    template here…?
    I will coordinate the efforts there.

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    HI Sara,
    Thanks! I’ll talk to our comms person to let her know we are doing this;
    she may also be able to let me know what is coming up so I can plan a bit
    more. I also will ask her if we can have a standing item on RDA in the ARDC
    newsletter, which goes out to (mainly) Australians.
    On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 8:00 PM sarapittonet <
    ***@***.***> wrote:

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