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Archives and Records professionals session at RDA, Denver

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    Hello everyone,
    As you may be aware, the next RDA Plenary meeting will be held in Denver, Colorado from September 11-17. More information is available here:
    The plenary meetings provide an opportunity for the RDA’s working and interest groups to meet in person and to progress their work.
    We are planning to submit a session proposal for the Archives and Records Professionals group, and we would like your input on what you think would be useful topics of discussion. The topics which the group believes to be of interest will also inform our future direction and any outputs the group creates.
    Some of the topics which were mentioned at our last meeting at the Tokyo plenary included:
    -How archival skills map to research data management generally, and how these skills may enhance current RDM practice (eg. appraisal)
    -The development of crosswalk of terms to allow non-records professionals to understand archival theory more easily
    -How archival description compares to current descriptive practice for research data, and whether it could be used to improve metadata for research data
    -The connection between the challenges of research data management and archiving the web
    -The overlap between archival practice and the work of other RDA groups, for example Data Rescue.
    Are there any other topics you would like to see represented? Do any of these seem particularly relevant or timely for you or your organisation?
    We would like our plenary session to reflect the interests of the group so please let us know what you think, preferably by the end of Monday 23rd May. We will also send around a draft of the session submission for your feedback before the RDA deadline of May 29th.
    Best regards,

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