Framework definition

Brokering Framework Definition

Brokers aim to intermediate systems and federation capacities that implement well defined interfaces.   Effective brokering functionalities are possible because present (and future) research infrastructures applies disciplinary interoperability standards.  Brokers provide the bridge between communities using different specifications.

  1. Brokers are middleware interconnecting client and server components in a cyberinfrastructure;
  2. Brokers are services facilitating the run-time interconnection (sharing of resources) among potentially a multitude of users and providers in a way that requires little effort on the part of either;
  3. A brokering framework can consist of multiple brokering components to support capabilities such as discovery, semantic and natural language mediation, data access services, workflow processes, and publishing;
  4. A multidisciplinary brokering framework is an independent third-party service and does not belong to any disciplinary infrastructure.