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Time to renew leadership and objectives of the group – Call for applications

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    Dear Biodiversity Data Integration IG members, 
    Disciplinary groups play a pivotal role in the RDA ecosystem. Not only they provide a mechanism for engaging with the outputs of the RDA community, they are instrumnetal in providing input to the cross-cutting technical and socio-cultural groups.The number disciplinary groups has significantly increased over the last few years, from a handful (the biodiversity community was there from the start) to around 20 Interest Groups.
    The Biodiversity group has been one of the pioneering groups in RDA, focusing from the outset on linking the wider communities of practice in the domain with experts and other communities within RDA. 
    Since 2013, when the group formed, our domain has gone a long way. New (and many pre-existing) challenges are lying ahead, but we now operate in a much more intergated and holsitic manner than ever before. The rapid development of international, regional and national research infrastructures is also an indication of the maturity of our domain.  
    After five years, BDI needs to adjust its charter and move ahead with a renewed agenda and priorities. To do so it is importnat to give the opportunity to new people to co-lead the group.
    To that end I would like to invite you to declare your interest to co-chair the BDI IG.
    An application form is now open and until Fri 8 June at  
    Kind regards,
    Dimitris Koureas
    BDI IG co-chair & RDA TAB member 

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    Dear all, 

    This is kind reminder for putting yourselves forward for co-chairing the Biodiversity group in RDA. I would also like to sincerely thank those who have already done so.

    The deadline for nominatios is Friday 8 June.

    Please submit your nominations (incl. self-nominations) through

    Kind regards,

    Dimitris Koureas

    BDI-IG co-chair

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    Dear BDI IG members, 

    I am pleased t oannounce to the group that the leadership renewal process for the BDI IG has successfully been concluded. There were in total four applications for the co-chairs positions. Three of them new and one as continuation from the previous leadership. This is great news for the group as we now have new and enthusiastic people leading the renewal and refocus of the Biodiversity group in RDA. 

    The new co-chairs are: 

    Wouter Addink,

    Name Affiliation Country New co-chair
    Wouter Addink Naturalis Biodiversity Center Netherlands Yes

    Sridhar Gutam

    Indian Institute of Horticultural Research

    India Yes

    Hamish Holewa

    Atlas of Living Australia

    Australia Yes
    Dimitris Koureas Naturalis Biodiversity Center / DiSSCo Netherlands No

     At this point I would also like to thank Vince Smith and Nicky Nicolson for their work as co-chairs of the group up to now. 

    Please join me in congratulating the newly elected co-chairs.



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    Dear Dimitris,
    Many thanks for this information and my congratulations to Wouter, Sridhar
    Gutam and Hamish Holewa for taking on this important job.
    Very best regards,

    Dr. Vincent S. Smith, Head of Diversity & Informatics Division
    Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK
    E-mail: ***@***.*** (preferred), Skype: vsmithuk, Tel: +44 (0) 207
    942 5127
    Meeting Scheduling:
    Major Projects:,

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    Anne Thessen

    Welcome co-chairs! I look forward to the renewal of the group.

    Anne E. Thessen, Ph.D.
    The Data Detektiv, Owner and Founder
    Ronin Institute, Research Scholar

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