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Names WG

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    This page will be used to develop a working draft of a new case statement to support the creation of a Names related WG.
    The case statement should include the following elements:

    1. WG Charter: A concise articulation of what issues the WG will address within a 12-18 month time frame and what its “deliverables” or outcomes will be.
    2. Value Proposition: A specific description of who will benefit from the adoption or implementation of the WG outcomes and what tangible impacts should result.
    3. Engagement with existing work in the area: A brief review of related work and plan for engagement with any other activities in the area.
    4. Work Plan: A specific and detailed description of how the WG will operate including: 
    5. Adoption Plan: A specific plan for adoption or implementation of the WG outcomes within the organizations and institutions represented by WG members, as well as plans for adoption more broadly within the community. Such adoption or implementation should start within the 12-18 month timeframe before the WG is complete.
    • The form and description of final deliverables of the WG, 
    • The form and description of milestones and intermediate documents, code or other deliverables that will be developed during the course of the WG’s work,
    • A description of the WG’s mode and frequency of operation (e.g. on-line and/or on-site, how frequently will the group meet, etc.),
    • A description of how the WG plans to develop consensus, address conflicts, stay on track and within scope, and move forward during operation, and
    • A description of the WG’s planned approach to broader community engagement and participation.
    1. Initial Membership: A specific list of initial members of the WG and a description of initial leadership of the WG.


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