Plenary 3 - Big Data Analytics session

1100-1230 on Thursday 27 march

Session chair(s) including email address(es):
Rahul Ramachandran <> Morris Riedel <> Peter 
Big Data are an omnipresent phenomenon today ñ not only due to their sheer Volume, but also their 
Velocity, Variety, and Veracity issues. Actually, in several domains it turns out that Variety is even more a 
challenge than Volume. 
And research on Veracity is in its infancy, at best. Anyway, Google tells us that ìAnalyticsî receives way 
more attention than ìBig Dataî. Obviously, issues of algorithmics, flexibility, and appropriate user 
interfaces, among others, also are in dire need of reflection and consolidation.
What is your take on Big Data Analytics? Join us at the BDA-IG session at the Belfast RDA Plenary and 
bring in your use cases, standards, technologies, and any other aspect you feel we should address. 
Among the keywords floating around currently in the BDA-IG we find NIST, ISO, OGC, EarthServer, graph 
databases, array databases, and several more. Let's sort it out!
Links to additional reading material:
- Welcome & tour de table
- Brief presentation of BDA-IG
- Technical discussion
- application driven: collect use cases
- technology driven: collect technologies
- next steps
- adjourn