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Report of Today’s EOSC-Future / RDA AIDV-WG Team Leads & Fellows Meeting [Thursday, 15 December, from 14:00 to 15:00 CET (Brussels time)]

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    Francis Crawley

    Dear Everyone,
    Here is the e-mail shared with the EOSC-Future / RDA AIDV-WG Co-chairs, Team Leads, and Fellows following our meeting today on structuring the work for the deliverables and the mentoring of the fellows:
    Just a short note to thank everyone for such a good discussion today. We knew that this would be a crowded period for your agendas and that not everyone would be able to attend. It was indeed a meeting of champions. Sincere apologies to those working on Deliverable 5: An AI Bill of Rights. I did not manage the time well and we were not able to hear from Natalie regarding how you have been meeting and managing the deliverable. What we did have were the excellent presentations from Natalie & team in Prague and during the December monthly meeting of the AIDV-WG.
    Some notes from my side:

    The Team Leads and Fellows will lead on the Deliverables. They will arrange the meetings in their groups and assure communication and collaboration across the AIDV-WG
    Manolya will help to coordinate with the Team Leads and Fellows and ensure good communication of the research across the membership of the AIDV-WG
    Claudia and Elif will arrange a meeting with the fellows to discuss mentorship and the structuring of their work
    For Deliverable 4: Guidance for ethics committees reviewing AI and DV, Manolya will assist in arranging a meeting in early January with Kumru, Haihong, Valery, Rita, Challace, Ülkücan, Pukovisa, Alexei, and Natalia (Valery, perhaps send the e-mail addresses for Alexei and Natalia to Manolya) [I have also updated the list of Co-chairs, Team Leads, and Fellows to include Aliaksei and Natalia (attached).
    The Team Leads and Fellows will coordinate with Claudia, Elif, and Manolya for the AIDV-WG session on ‘The Ethics of AI and Data Visitation: Building Blocks for Data Commons and Open Science’ at the RDA 20th Plenary Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 21-23 March 2022 (see the attached e-mail, see also the attached proposal from Luis). Claudia and Elif will assemble the proposals from the team here and complete the programme. Note the following:

    Draft programme to be published on Friday, 16th December 2022
    Any requests for changes must be made by Friday, 13th January 2023
    The programme will be deemed final by Thursday, 19th January 2023 
    Event platforms to be used – Whova and Zoom (details will be provided)

    The sessions are 90 minutes in length. Please send your proposals by Monday, 9 January, to Claudia, Elif, and Manolya so they can assemble the session programme and upload it by Friday, 13 January.
    Similarly, we also have a second session approved for the RDA 20th Plenary meeting titled: ‘AI in Data Policy and Data Governance: Designing Research Methodologies for Crisis Situations’. This will be carried out jointly with the CODATA International Data Policy Committee. If you have suggestions for this session, we would also like to receive them by Monday, 9 January. Perhaps best cc me in any suggestions for this session. I updated today the session descriptions. However, they could benefit from being further refined. Also, please add appropriate references.
    nb The RDA 20th Plenary Meeting is hybrid (in person and virtual). The AIDV-WG does not have funding to support participation. If you would like a letter of invitation to participate, please let us know. Also note that there will be sessions on 20 and 24 March.

    I will send a letter of appointment to all the AIDV-WG members. We consider it valuable that their institutions are aware of, and supportive of, the work they are doing for us.
    The AIDV-WG will organize a series of webinars on topics in which we wish to better inform ourselves. If you have suggestions for topics or speakers or how the webinars are best organized, please share them with the co-chairs and Manolya.

    Some recent documents that might be of interest:

    The European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles, a seminal document for all deliverables, perhaps most particularly for Deliverable 5: An AI Bill of Rights see this explanation.
    TEHADS: Primary recommendations to foster GDPR-compliant data altruism mechanisms for the EHDS Deliverable 2 and 3. Discussion on data altruism (in the health data space)
    The EMA/HMA ‘Recommendation paper on decentralised elements in clinical trials’ 13 December 2022; Deliverables 2 and 3. Discussion on e-consent in clinical trials

    Wishing you the peace of Christmas and the warmth of family, friends, and good cheer in the New Year,
    Francis (also on behalf of Elif, Claudia, and Tshiamo)

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