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Re: [rda-aidv-wg] Summary of P21 AIDV Session on Transforming the AIDV-WG’s…

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    Hello Natalie,
    I checked the ‘Informed Consent Guidance’ document and I have to say that
    the document provides an idea that Artificial Intelligence has already
    dominated human intelligence. I believe that this is not true – yes, there
    has been much progress of the field of AI but definitely, it has not (yet)
    overcome human intelligence. The world is indeed data-intensive (as the
    document mentions), however AI does not govern all the aspects of such a
    data-intensive world. The lack of clear regulations on how we should use AI
    makes us suspicious on certain technologies. The document mentions that AI
    algorithms act as ‘black-boxes’ – these algorithms have become
    unpredictable and unexplainable (as the document mentions). That is not
    true – we can intervene to the operation of such algorithms and we can
    control them. There are programming languages (e.g. Python) with impressive
    capabilities that allow us to modify these algorithms. Furthermore, the
    document refers to the tracking of your behaviour on the WWW. Indeed,
    digital marketing companies can track our behaviours on the Web and target
    us with specific advertisements based on this behaviour, however there are
    means for reducing if not eliminating this tracking.
    I will also check the documents and provide you with further feedback.
    Best regards,
    Kostas Domdouzis
    Sheffield Hallam University, UK
    On Tue, Oct 24, 2023 at 6:06 PM Ademola via Artificial Intelligence and
    Data Visitation (AIDV) WG wrote:

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