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Notes from Deliverable 4: Guidance for ethics committees reviewing AI and DV

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    Francis Crawley

    Dear EOSC-Future / RDA AIDV-WG Members,
    Please find attached excellent ‘notes’ (framework with table) in preparation for Deliverable 4: Guidance for ethics committees reviewing AI and DV. These notes were prepared by Valery, Aleksei and Natalia and should be of value in developing the outputs of Deliverable 4. I suspect they will also be of value for the other deliverables and our project as a whole. I paste below the correspondence from Valery that accompanied this work. Kind regards, Francis
    From: Valerya Sokolchik
    Sent: Monday, December 26, 2022 9:42 PM
    To: Kumru DÖNE ; Haihong Zhang (China) ; Rita S. Sitorus (Indonesia) ; Challace ;
    Cc: doc.razuvanov ; Cheh-med
    Subject: Re: Deliverable 4 Guidance for ethics committees reviewing AI and DV
    Dear colleagues! Hope, you and your families are fine. Wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah  and  Happy New Year!!
    As we agreed, we (I, Aleksei and Natalia) have  prepared the basic remarks for our Del.4 (in attached file). These are our «collective» thoughts about the ethical problems of research with AI/DV arranged in a table. Hope, it will be usefull for our work and can be the starting point for our  fruitful discussion.
    From my mind, we need meeting for conversation about new ideas, these remarks and our future work. If it is possible for your shedule, let’s meet  on Thursday (2022.12.29) at 2pm CET (or later?).  Dear Manoyla,  could you help us arrange a meeting?
    If the time is not possible to you, please, send us your written notes or suggestions for another meeting time. 
    Greetings from Belarus.
    Bests, Valery
    P.S. And sorry for our English)))
    Вторник, 20 декабря 2022, 20:17 +03:00 от Valerya Sokolchik :
    Dear Kumru!  Dear colleagues!
    We ( I, Aleksey and Natalia) started to sum different experiences at post- soviet countries about the activity of REC expertizing AI/DV. Studying papers and interviewing people from Belarus, Russia, Kazahstan, etc. regarding to the activity of REC we, hope, to 25 of Desember will prepare the basic table/ notes  for our group ( del.4. ).  Our basic structure of the work is:  ethical principle using of  AI/DV – main problems, connected with these principles – real practice, good experience of REC’s activity – recommendations.
    Then, I suggest, we can  discuss this table with all members of our group ( del.4) and  we also  can continue to sum the material  according to our desicion about the form of our study).
    This is my plan, we’ve discussed it a little at our last meeting.
    If you are agree, if all members of our group are agree, let’s meet before New Year to discuss the main pillars and main issues of our work ( we will send our working notes/table to all members of our group).
    Warmly, Valery.


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