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Follow-up to the EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG Meeting on 12 February 2024; Next Meeting Monday 11 March, 13:00 to 14:30 UTC

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    Francis Crawley

    Dear EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG Members,
    This past Monday 12 February we had a very good regular monthly meeting of our EOSC-Future/RDA Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation Working Group (AIDV). We reviewed our workplan as well as new possibilities for our deliverables. Because the next day (Tuesday 13 February) was the deadline for a submission of the AIDV Group Session Application for the 22nd RDA Plenary Meeting on 14-23 May 2024 (entirely virtual), we focused our discussion on the preparation of the proposal.
    The discussion helped us reflect on, not only our AIDV deliverables, but also the value of those deliverables and how they can be adapted to the dynamic (‘transformative’) ecosystems of our digital societies. Here is a link (Passcode: wSd2QE.e ) to a recording of the meeting.
    We decided our proposal should demonstrate the ongoing value of our work in AI and DV. Here is a link to the proposal we submitted for the AIDV Session Application. Here too is a link to a pdf in our RDA Repository.
    Within the context of this discussion, Luis Retanan raised the topic of ‘National Security and International Cooperation’. This is a topic in which he has a strong background and experience, and one for which he could prepare an excellent presentation. The meeting agreed that this was of increasing importance and becoming central to the topic of data sharing as well as Luis’ appropriate placement to bring the discussion to the RDA audience in a plenary session during the 22nd RDA Plenary in May. Subsequent correspondence with the RDA Secretariat also reinforced this viewpoint. A discussion on having AI and this important issue introduced by Luis is now being considered for a plenary session at RDA P22.
    Elif has also submitted a proposal for a session at the Fifth United Nations World Data Forum to be held in Medellín, Colombia, 11-14 November 2024 (see this link to a pdf in our RDA Repository). While the AIDV’s outputs are developed to impact directly EOSC and other open science platforms, we also find ourselves contributing to international developments in AI science governance.
    Going forward we discussed the importance of the local impact of our deliverables alongside their contributions to the EU and international discussions on AI ethics and governance. In this context, we will look to engage the TIGER team for applying for support through initiatives such as the US-RDA TIGRUS Project and the EU OSCARS Project.
    The EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG meets on the second Monday of every month from 13:00 to 14:30 UTC. This is the Zoom link:  Passcode 123. Our next regularly scheduled meeting is Monday 11 March 13:00 to 14:30 UTC. We look forward to being with you.
    Kind regards,
    Francis (also on behalf of Elif, Claudia, Natalie, and Alexander)

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