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(IG-ARPRD) Moving the past forwards: shaping our future IG to serve archives and records professionals

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    Laura Molloy

    Collaborative session notes:
    Suggest future topics here:
    The IG-Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data (IG-ARP) was formed in 2015 with the intent of exploring the areas where the principles and practices in the information disciplines of archives, records management, and research data curation overlap and where they diverge.
    The group has been in maintenance mode since P10 (2017).  The primary goal of this session will be to gauge interest in revitalizing the group, to identify one or two additional new co-chairs, and to determine future activities.  We will include presentations on topics relevant to the community to spark discussion and highlight the role of archives and records professionals within the data community.
    Agenda (updated 2021-11-09):

    Welcome! Brief introduction to the group + questions (Laura Molloy) (10 mins)

    Topical presentations (25 mins)

    ‘Records Managers and Data Stewardship’ (Jaana Pinnick, British Geological Survey) (7-10 mins)

    ‘Identifying archival skills for Data Management’ (Rebecca Grant, F1000) (5 mins)

    ‘CESSDA Data Archiving Guide Soft Launch’ (Libby Bishop, GESIS) (3 mins)

    ‘Standard-compliance vs data quality, with the example of the OAIS reference model’ (Francesco Gelati, Hamburg University Archives) (7 mins)

    Review of current IG charter (Sarah Ramdeen) (30 mins)

    Overview of scope (attendees to read current charter in advance) (5 mins)

    Discussion of potential changes needed and/or how we can better use the website (20 mins)

    Call for volunteers to lead the effort (5 mins)

    Open discussion (all) (10 mins)

    Call for co-chairs beyond US and Europe (all chairs) (5 mins)

    Collaborative session notes:
    Suggest future topics here:

    Additional links to informative material
    1. IG-ARPRD page
    2. Group charter
    3. Session overviews of past meetings
    4. Blogpost about the group: ‘Bringing new skills into RDA’

    Applicable Pathways
    Professional Networking and Social Aspects, Discipline Focused Data Issues

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    Archives and records professionals serve in a range of critical roles: as experts in ensuring access, preservation, and reuse of records and archival collections; as provocateurs for good records curation practices; and as advocates for the construction of sustainable infrastructures for information sharing.
    The objective of this group is to provide a welcoming space for archivists and records management professionals within RDA to share knowledge and explore issues related to research data that arise in their professional activities.  We explore the areas where the principles and practices in the information disciplines of archives, records management, and research data curation overlap and where they diverge.  Examining alignments in theoretical frameworks, practical implementations, and goals among these information disciplines, we determine areas where practitioners across them can learn from each other in ways that can lead to the development of a vibrant community of information professionals working across different domains.
    We are determined to ensure that the large body of existing knowledge from the archives and records management spheres, much of which is pertinent to practical applications of research data management, including making and keeping data FAIR, has a presence within the RDA landscape.

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Laura Molloy

    If “Other,” Please specify:
    Archives and preservation

    Meeting presenters
    Sarah Ramdeen, Rebecca Grant, Laura Molloy + members

    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
    Breakout 8, Breakout 11, Breakout 14, Breakout 20, Breakout 23

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