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Virtual Plenary 16 Call for Sessions and RDA Adoption Week

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    RDA Admin

    Dear Agrisemantics WG members,
    There are two important announcements from RDA being circulated that we wanted to bring to your attention in the case you missed it this week.
    The Call for Sessions for Virtual Plenary 16 is open with a 4 August deadline for submissions.  Start preparing now!
    RDA’s Adoption Week is next week.  Webinars are scheduled each day to demonstrate RDA’s  adoptable and adopted solutions to data sharing challenges that people in the field encounter in their daily jobs.  Webinar topics will focus on the Research Data Lifecycle and include: Data Management (Monday), Data Description (Tuesday), Identity-Store-Preserve (Wednesday), Disseminate-Link-Find (Thursday), Policy-Legal Compliance-Capacity (Friday).  Register at your earliest convenience!  
    Thank you and stay well.
    Alex Delipalta
    on behalf of the RDA Secretariat

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    Chris Baker

    Dear Alex, and Agrisemantics WG members,
    Your email about RDA’s Adoption Week is very timely. I am actively involved
    in a study to identify the adoption of Agrisemantics and have produced a
    survey to measure this. It can be found here:
    and also here:
    The main aim of this project is to gain an understanding of the
    commonalities of adoption of Agrisemantics of all communities. From these
    common themes we wish to identify the drivers and roadblocks to the
    adoption of AgriSemantics in private industry as well as possible
    blindspots in the current development of publicly available resources. A
    secondary aim of this study is to publicise Agrisemantics to decision
    The current COVID crisis has exposed the fragility of Agricultural Supply
    Chains. Agrisemantics facilities interoperability and has the potential to
    distribute the risk by allowing the ad-hoc integration of small suppliers
    into larger supply chain systems. This distribution of risk removes single
    points of failure in Supply Chains which are created by small numbers of
    large suppliers. However many decision makers are unaware of this. It is
    hoped that this study will raise awareness how Agrisemantics can benefit
    Agricultural companies.
    Our study builds on discussion at two previous Agrisemantic events
    In addition to the survey we are interviewing key stakeholders in the
    Agrisemantics community.
    If you are interested to share your opinions please let me know and we can
    set up a call.
    With thanks
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