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communicate on Agrisemantics recommendations (in SWAT4(HC)LS)

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    Sophie Aubin

    Dear all members of Agrisemantics,
    SWAT4(HC)LS (Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Healthcare and Life Sciences) [1] will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, December 9-12.
    Several keynotes and tutorials are in line with the Agrisemantics topics and activities and some of you may already consider attending the event.
    It would be a great place to communicate on our recommendations and meet people interested in adopting some. The good news is that it is still time to send a proposal for a poster [1] but deadline is already on Monday 7th! (3 days left)
    The second good news is that a poster already exists which can be used as is, or adapted to the event. See on the RDA Agrisemantics webpage (once logged in, open [2] ) and the summary [3] sent to RDA P13 in Philadelphia where it was presented in April this year
    Also, if you are interested in ontologies for livestock data, you may meet people from Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) who intend to organize discussions on the topic there.
    Please let the Agrisemantics WG know if you intend to communicate on the recommendations in SWAT(HC)LS or any other event. This will encourage others to do so!
    Sophie Aubin on behalf of the Agrisemantics chairs

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    Chris Baker

    Thank you for your email Sophie and for encouraging the Agrisemantics
    community members to submit posters to SWAT4HCLS 2019. I strongly support
    As you know we had a successful event last year in Antwerp 2018 where I
    organized the Spotlight on Agrisemantics comprising of
    1) Introductory talk by André Laperrière*, E**xecutive Director, Global
    Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)*
    2) A GODAN sponsored Agrisemantics panel 2018 –,
    3) An Agrisemantic Keynote Medha Devare
    4) An Ag tutorial on the AgroFIMS fieldbook* presented by: Marie-Angélique
    *In 2019 we will continue with Agrisemantics at SWAT4HCLS !*
    Currently I am the process of inviting panelists to the Agrisemantics Panel
    Specifically we already have one tutorial by Brett Drury
    on the Agricultural Semantic Web and its role in Digital Agriculture
    Please reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions about this
    years Agrisemantics focus 2019.
    We again have generous support of GODAN for the panel.
    Hope to see you with your poster in Edinburgh and at the panel session
    Kind regards,
    Chris Baker
    On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 10:07 AM Sophie Aubin via Agrisemantics WG <
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    Chris Baker

    Hi Leyla
    The panel session on Agrisemantics will be an approximately 90 mins slot on
    the 10th Dec at the end of SWAT4HCLS paper and poster presentations.
    Please check back to the website in the coming days to see the program.

    With best regards,
    Professor, Dr. Chris Baker CEO.
    IPSNP Computing Inc.
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    Chris Baker

    Dear Sophie, all,
    I am happy to share with you the web page for the upcoming
    Spotlight on Agrisemantics session at SWAT4HCLS in Edinburgh.
    This includes a tutorial, a featured presentation and an all female panel
    of experts
    If you are planning to come, be sure to register and book accommodation
    early to avoid
    In addition to the Agrisemantcis focus at SWAT4HCLS (now in its 12th year)
    there are 4 excellent Keynotes who will talk on essential topics in
    Semantic Data Science
    – A FAIR Vocabulary Odyssey
    by Helen

    – Semantics for FAIR research data management
    by Prof.
    Dr. Birgitta König-Ries

    – Wikidata and beyond – Knowledge for everyone by everyone
    by Denny

    – Data Ownership and Protection within the FAIR Framework
    by Dov
    We look forward to your participation.
    On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 10:07 AM Sophie Aubin via Agrisemantics WG <
    ***@***.***> wrote:

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