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Imma Subirats, Esther Dzale, Armando Stellato, Patricia Rocha Bello Bertin
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Invitation to attend the IGAD/RDA Pre-Meeting in Montreal (Canada)!

Confirm attendance soon!

Formed in 2013, since its inception the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) has grown in community strength to over 100 members, becoming one of the RDA’s most prominent Thematic Groups.


IGAD is a domain-oriented group working on all issues related to global agriculture data. It represents stakeholders in managing data for agricultural research and innovation, including producing, aggregating and consuming data.


Beyond this IGAD promotes good practices in research with regard data sharing policies, data management plans, and data interoperability, and it is a forum for sharing experience and providing visibility to research and work in agricultural data.


One of IGAD’s main roles is to serve as a platform that leads to the creation of domain-specific Working Groups. To date one successful Working Group has formed under IGAD and two more are in their inception phase:  the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group and the Rice Data Interoperability and AgriSemantics discussion groups, all playing an active role at the most recent RDA 7P in Tokyo. Soil experts also came together in an IGAD pre-meeting at RDA P7. They are committed to partner with IGAD and are preparing a concept note to address some of the current issues on Soil Data Interoperability at the next GODAN summit.


Working Groups



Birds of Feather Groups



  • To promote good practices in the research domain: data sharing policies, data management plan, data interoperability
  • To provide a platform for networking and cross-fertilization of research ideas in data management and interoperability
  • To solicit and promote interactions and projects among the major international institutions and groups worldwide which work on agricultural research and innovation
  • To achieve data interoperability

Events at RDA

The RDA holds its plenary meetings every six months at different locations around the world. Built around the RDA Working and Interest Group meetings the sessions are designed to consolidate the RDA’s work and that of its interest groups in building social and technological bridges towards open data sharing. IGAD’s role since its inception at the RDA Gothenburg has expanded with every successive Plenary. The outcomes of the Wheat Data Interoperability Group have proved to be a success and the challenge is now on to replicate those successes with the Rice Group.

IGAD has used the Plenary meetings as a place to reach out and forge new alliances with other groups, as well as creating new offshoot groups aimed at specific solutions. The Soil Group is one. At the RDA Plenary 7 IGAD also agreed to set up a new group to work on the five point action plan outlined by the Rice Data Group (see: Working Groups.)

During Plenary sessions IGAD has hosted a wide array of speakers and discussions and it continues to work alongside major international initiatives such as GODAN, GACS, CIARD, CGIAR, FAO of the UN, INRA, CYMMIT among others.

RDA 9th Plenary: 5th - 7th of April 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

RDA 7th Plenary: 1st - 3rd of March 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

RDA 6th Plenary: 21st - 25th of September 2015 in Paris, France

RDA 5th Plenary: 8th - 11th of March 2015 in San Diego, California USA

RDA 4th Plenary: 22nd - 24th of September 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

RDA 3rd Plenary: 26th - 28th of March 2014 in Dublin, Ireland

RDA 2nd Plenary: 16th - 18th of September 2013 in Washington DC, US

RDA Europe Workshop prior to the 2nd RDA Plenary in Washington

Capacity development activities

IGAD has spearheaded two important capacity development initiatives. These include two introductory online MOOCS course on data management, principally aimed at learners in Latin America, and four Forums on Open Data and Open Science in Agriculture in Africa.

The MOOCS courses offer an introduction to themes of data management using examples from the international sphere and with a particular focus on data management research in fisheries and nutrition. As well as teaching how to define data the course looks at issues of data storage, sharing and long term preservation, highlighting the different resources available to researchers in data management.  IGAD heads the course in conjunction with the FAO of the United Nations, Spain’s Polytechnic University of Valencia and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

The goal of the forums is to provide a platform for stakeholders in Africa to share knowledge on institutional and national initiatives aimed at enhancing the visibility, accessibility and usability of agricultural data and science, and their potential contribution to the realization of Africa’s sustainable development goals and the SDGs.


Forums on Open Data and Open Science in Agriculture

Recent Activity

27 Jul 2017

Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg][on-farm-data-sharing-wg][metrics-indicators-agriculture] Panel proposal for the International Conference, ‘Global Challenges and Data-Driven Research’

Dear Imma, all;
It is great to see this going forward. With Wenbo Chu’s assistance you might also contact the GEO GLAM initiative?
The deadline for submissions for the CODATA 2017 conference is tomorrow, but I will be happy silently to keep the submission mechanism open until midnight on 31 July if that helps.
We are pretty pleased with the keynotes that we have attracted:

27 Jul 2017

Panel proposal for the International Conference, ‘Global Challenges and Data-Driven Research’

Dear all,

Together with the CODATA Agriculture Data, Knowledge for Learning and Innovation, RDA/IGAD has prepared an abstract to submit a panel proposal for the International Conference, ‘Global Challenges and Data-Driven Research’. We would appreciate your feedback, and also to know who from the RDA/IGAD community would like to participate

21 Jul 2017

TR: Postdoc position on AgroPortal, GACS and ontology alignment in Montpellier, France

Hello all,
Just a quick email to ask you to share the postdoc offer we have in
Montpellier to work on AgriSemantics related stuff : AgroPortal, ontology
mapping and GACS !
It still open. A candidate from this community will be perfect!
Happy summer.
The NUMEV Labex ( and AgroPortal project ( which builds an

26 May 2017

Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg][metrics-indicators-agriculture] Reminder -- RDA IGAD BoF Group Meeting for Metrics and Indicators In Agricultural Sciences

Dear Katia,
Great to have you in the group. The meeting was today at 14:00 (Central European Summer Time). I am sorry you missed it but I will circulate a message soon with the meeting notes.
Will be in touch on the mailing list.
Have a great weekend,
From: Katia Regina Jesus
Date: Friday, 26 May 2017 at 18:31
To: "Agricultural Data IG (IGAD)", Wheat Data Interoperability WG, Agrisemantics WG, Rice Data Interoperability WG, Metrics and Indicators in Agricultural Sciences

26 May 2017

RE: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig]...

I am next Tuesday on FIWARE conference in Utrecht, where will be full day track for Agriculture. I will try to speak with people
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26 May 2017

AW: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig]...

Dear Karel,
thank you very much for the positive reply! For now, I will add you to the list of participants.
Best regards,
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25 May 2017

Join us today for the webinar on FAIR Principles and Data Management Planning

Dear All, 

Join us today for the webinar on FAIR Principles and Data Management Planning by Hugo Besemer, Information and Data management Specialist at Wageningen University & Research

Date: 25 May 2017 at 15:00 CEST

Access link:

Please read more about it here