11th WG/IG Collaboration Meeting in Cologne, Germany 26-28 June 2019


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Lynn Yarmey

This short-lived group contains details regarding the upcoming 26-28 June 2019 RDA WG/IG Chairs Collaboration Meeting in Cologne, Germany and is open to all RDA group chairs. Future updates, including a draft agenda, opportunities for group dinners, and other conversations and details will be posted to the mailing list for this group. The group is public but to receive the meeting communications as email please join this group.


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27 Jun 2019

Day 3 plans and Draft Meeting Outcomes document

Hi all,
I hope you had a lovely time on the GESIS patio! Monika and the GESIS team have been so generous with their help and space, please be sure to thank them profusely before you head home!
We will start at 9am tomorrow to finalize all of our conversations and make sure we can walk away from our excellent discussions with a concise summary and clear next steps. Since we will have just under 2 hours and we have a lot to go through, I went through the notes document and pulled the problem statements and action items out into another document:

26 Jun 2019

Updates on the activities realted to software (SSC IG and SCID WG)

Dear fellow IG/WG chairs,
I'm sharing below a summary of updates on the current activities around
software that I would have loved to discuss with you: I hope this will help
in your meeting.
All the best
High level summary
+ there is growing interest worldwide in software as a first class research output,
and the number of subscribers in the IG/WG groups show that this subject is
attracting interest in RDA too (~100 subscribers to the IG, 65 for the WG);

24 Jun 2019

Apologies and wishes for a fruitful meeting

Dear All,
Contrary to my original plans, I am afraid I am not able to participate in the Chairs meeting this week. I am terribly sorry that I will not be there. I found the January meeting very interesting and many important ideas and actions arose there.
We are having a face to face meeting of the RDA Secretariat in Pisa next Monday and Tuesday so I look forward to hearing from the secretariat members that are present in Cologne on your meeting discussions and outcomes.