• Output Type: Working Group Supporting Output
  • Output Status: Endorsed
  • Review Period End: 2019-06-27
  • Abstract

    FAIR Data Maturity Model WG

    Group co-chairs: Edit HerczogVassilios PeristerasKeith Russell

    Supporting Output title:  Results of an Analysis of Existing FAIR Assessment Tools

    Impact: This document provides an overview of a number of existing FAIR assessment tools, listing the indicators used in these tools to assess the FAIRness of a data set. This is useful if you wish to compare existing FAIR assessment tools and the questions that are being asked.

    Authors: Christophe Bahim, Makx Dekkers, Brecht Wyns

    DOI: 10.15497/RDA00035

    Citation:  Christophe Bahim, Makx Dekkers, Brecht Wyns (2019). Results of an Analysis of Existing FAIR assessment tools. Research Data Alliance. DOI: 10.15497/RDA00035

    Note: More information on the development of this document can be found in the WG’s github repository.



    This document is a first output of the FAIR Data Maturity Model WG. As a landscaping exercise, the editorial team of the WG analysed current and existing approaches related to FAIR self-assessment tools. The analysis was made based on publicly available documentation and an online survey. Questions and options stemming from theses different approaches were classified according to the FAIR principles/facets. Comments were collected and incorporated. This resulted in five slide decks, combined in this pdf document, that make up this preliminary analysis. 

    Please note that the latest version (v3) of this document supersedes the previous version 0.02 of the document, which underwent community review in May and June 2019.




  • Group Technology focus: Data (Output) Management Planning
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