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  • Review Deadline: 2022-05-09
  • Author(s): Bridget Walker
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    Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG

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    Laura MolloyKatarzyna BiernackaAmy Nurnberger

    Supporting Output title: Core Characteristics of Learning Resource Collectors

    Authors:  Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Elizabeth Newbold, Angus Whyte, Maria Johnsson, Kerstin Helbig, Maggie Hellström, Iryna Kuchma, Mijke Jetten


    ”Core characteristics of learning resource collecting and servicing organisations (such as catalogues and registries)” provides a set of core descriptive characteristics that can help people evaluate and understand the types and extent of service approaches and learning content offered.  In addition, the identification of core characteristics can help the organisations themselves consider some of the factors that might help them build, structure and maintain their collections and the services they offer in support of researchers and data specialists who seek learning resources on research data skillbuilding topics.  

    The recommendations for the core characteristics are offered primarily as guidance to catalogues, registries, portals and learning platforms that collect and/or provide support services for learning resources in order to assist in structuring them for longer term sustainability.  In addition, making the characteristics known that apply to the service providing organisation should help improve the organisation’s ability to help learning resource searchers more easily find the resources they seek and discern whether those resources would fit their needs.   

    Recommendations for specific descriptors of learning resources within a catalogue or registry are out of scope for this set of core characteristics; however, a related set of recommendations for a minimal set of descriptors for learning resources that has been developed by the RDA ETHRD IG can help in this regard.  This set of core characteristics for learning resource collecting and servicing organisations is not intended to be exhaustive or listed in priority order. Characteristics may or may not apply to a given learning resource collector or service provider depending upon the services offered.  Feedback from adopters of this recommendation would be welcomed by this group.


    Citation: Hoebelheinrich, N. J., Newbold, E., Whyte, A., Johnsson, M., Helbig, K., Hellström, M., Kuchma, I., & Jetten, M. (2022). Core Characteristics of Learning Resource Collectors (Version 1.0). Research Data Alliance. https://doi.org/10.15497/RDA00072



    The issue of sustainability for learning resource collecting and service organisations is an important one for the RDM educational instruction communities. Many catalogues, registries and portals are created for the educational needs of specific research domains or for specific audiences such as data stewards or other data professionals. Significant effort is involved not only in identifying and curating learning resources that are appropriate for those subject domains and/or target audiences, but also in building the catalogues and registries themselves. These kinds of financial investments by funding organisations and human commitment are critical to the development, dissemination and reuse of learning resources, yet the life of the catalogues, registries and portals is often too short, especially given the investment of time and money. There is a problem of finding long term funding for sustainability, of course, but the focus group also noted that often times, those building and maintaining the catalogues, registries and portals do not consider or document other kinds of characteristics that will help users of the services understand and support them so that they can continue to offer and tailor services to their user communities. This problem is the one that the focus group decided to work on in hopes of providing some guidance to these kinds of organisations, and to their funders.

    Keywords: learning resources; training portals; catalogues; registries; sustainability of catalogues; research data management; RDM

    Licence: CC-BY 4.0 International


  • Group Technology focus: Data (Output) Management Planning
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