• Output Type: Working Group Recommendation
  • Review Status: Endorsed
  • Author(s): Peter Wittenburg
  • Abstract

      Data Foundation and Terminology (DFT) Working Group

    Recommendation Title: Basic Vocabulary of Foundational Terminology Query Tool

    Authors: Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz, Peter Wittenburg

    Contributors: Stan Ahalt, Gary Berg-Cross, Jan Brase, Daan Broeder, Keith Jeffery, Yin Chen, Antoine Isaac, Bob Kahn, Larry Lannom, Michael Lautenschlager, Reagan Moore, Alberto Michelini, Hans Pfeifenberger, Raphael Ritz, Ulrich Schwardmann, Herbert van de Sompel, Dieter van Uytvanck, Dave Vieglas, Peter Wittenburg, Yunqiang ZHU, Herman Stehouwer, Thomas Zastrow 

    Impact: Ensures researchers apply a common core data model when organising their data and thus making data accessible and re-usable

    Recommendation package DOI: doi.org/10.15497/06825049-8CA4-40BD-BCAF-DE9F0EA2FADF

    Citation: Berg-Cross, Gary, Ritz, Raphael, Wittenburg, Peter (2015): Data Foundation and Terminology Work Group Products. DOI: 10.15497/06825049-8CA4-40BD-BCAFDE9F0EA2FADF


    Analysis and Synthesis of Data Management Terms


    Based on a variety of data models and use cases presented by experts coming from different disciplines and 120 interviews and interactions with different scientists and scientific departments, the DFT group has produced 8 inter-related reports and defined a number of simple definitions for digital data in a registered domain based on an agreed conceptualization. A summary of the core terms and the underlying model can be found in the first document called “Core Terms and Model”. This can also be used to cite the work.


    Reference: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/data-foundation-and-terminology-wg.html


    Rights: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain Waiver (CC0)


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