Brief summary of final meeting on 24 Nov 2014

Process TF meeting on 24 Nov 2014
Participants: Francoise, Mark, Kathy, Ross, Andrew, Stefanie
 We discussed:
- The introduction of the "Production Editor" role (held by Kathy Fontaine) whose job it is to guide Charters, Case Statements 
and Recommendations through the review process so that the process is streamlined and delays are minimised;
- Some elements that should go into a document for Council describing Council's role in the review process;
- Feedback from RDA members on processes;
- The need for some guidelines (not rules) on how joint IGs or WGs with other organisations should be set up and run.
We also decided to disband the task force. However, as my new role in the Secretariat is something like "Process Facilitator",
I am still very interested in hearing comments and issues on any of the RDA processes.