Welcome to the WG Process Task Force

27 Jan 2014

Hi all,

Thank you for agreeing to serve on this new RDA Task Force. This Task Force was created by Council and charged with defining the complete WG process from initial idea to delivery and maintenance of final deliverables (including key handoffs and transitions). Current members are:

Mark Parsons, Secretariat (chair)
Stefanie Kethers, Secretariat
Bill Michener, Technical Advisory Board 
Francoise Genova, Technical Advisory Board 
Fran Berman, Council
Ross Wilkinson, Council
I have created an "organic goup" on the RDA web site that provides us with this mailing list and gives us a space to develop and share documents etc.:
Note this group is visible to all of RDA, but we are the only ones on the mailing list. Everyone can see our discussion, but we are the only ones who receive it in our inboxes. Just be aware that all our deliberations are public.
I will be sending out more information about an initial telecon soon, but please share any thoughts y'all may have regarding key issues for this group. Stefanie and I, as the Secretariat members, anticipate doing most of the work in defining and developing processes. We plan to meet weekly and engage the full task force less frequently.
Thanks again for helping make RDA work as best it can.