Revised process pages

16 Sep 2014

Dear Task Force members,
I just wanted to let you know that the pages on
Group Process and Procedures:
and Case Statements:
have been updated based on our discussions.
The revised page on Goals and Outcomes:
and the new page on Criteria for Recommendations:
are currently still sitting in the TF Wiki; after the Secretariat meeting
on Saturday,
I should be able to make them public, too (there are a few operational
issues to resolve).
As discussed in our last meeting, please keep an ear out for and share any
comments and issues from the RDA members with the processes described.
As also discussed, I will send out a Doode poll after the Plenary for a
(final?) meeting in late October / early November.
Best wishes, and, if you come to the Plenary, I hope you have a safe trip.
Dr Stefanie Kethers
Senior Business Analyst
Australian National Data Service
P: +61(0)3 990 20546, M: +61(0)405 844 197
E: ***@***.***
Please note that I do not work Wednesdays.

  • Mark Parsons's picture

    Author: Mark Parsons

    Date: 13 Oct, 2014

    Where are the new detailed process pages? I can’t find them from the Task Force or Sect groups. The page linked from the Sect group is woefully out of date.
    -m. =

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