8th Plenary Meeting: WGDST summary and minutes


  • WGDST Presentation 
    • Introduction to WG including current case statement (Rudolf Mayer)
    • Activities to date: WGDST survey on current security and trust practices (Rudolf Mayer)
    • Activities to date: WUN DAPPER workshop (Becca Wilson)
  • Discussion session (Chair: Paul Burton). 

Discussion Summary

How can legal requirements be integrated and automated?

  • How can data privacy legal requirements be integrated with technical solutions and automated?

    • Is the research in line with consent?

  • The metadata should include what the security, user accreditation etc  requirements to access the data.

Accreditation for Data Users

  • What credentials and certifications do users have to prove who you are and why you need access to that information

  • There is no accreditation or Gold standard for data users - if there was then there could be clearance based on accreditation to access/use the data.

    • Are we giving data to people we trust?

    • Is eduroam or orchid good authentication mechanisms?

  • What information is required to give accreditation?

What do users do with the data?

  • How do you know the user has the security requirements in place to handle the data set e.g. encrypted hard drive etc.

    • How to make these requirements easier for the user to meet

    • Have they adhered to T & Cs

    • Have they misused the data > required to enact penalties for misuse

  • Logging/Auditing what a user does with the data.

  • Penalties

Current Security and Trust Practices

List of repositories handling secure data.