Health Data IG updated charter and Tokyo meeting

24 Feb 2016

Dear all,
On behalf of the co-Chairs of the proposed Health Data Interest Group,
please find some updates on the group's work:
First of all, an updated charter

20Group%20Charter%2015.02.2016.docx> has been prepared taking into account
the comments received during the community and the TAB review.
This includes potential links with other groups, i.e. the potential

Data Security and Trust Working Group (WGDST) and the

ets-wg.html> RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets WG.
The Health Data group
will be meeting at the Tokyo plenary on Tuesday the 1st of March at 14:30.
The details for the meeting can be found at
We would like to invite members who will be attending the Tokyo plenary for
making short presentations or interventions. In particular, we would like to
invite the co-Chairs and/or members from the above groups on Data Security
and Trust and Privacy Implications to attend the session to discuss
potential overlaps and collaborations. Also the capacity to include the
geospatial angle of health data can be investigated.
We would like to ask you to subscribe directly to the group to be able to
follow all the news (you need to login with your RDA account and click on
the "Subscribe to group" which can be found on the bottom right of the IG
page: If you don't have an
RDA account you can register at
Note that the IG is still under TAB review and I have asked for an update
from the TAB reviewers.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the session, as I have to attend
the OA session which is in parallel to the Health Data IG session, but
please let me know any inputs before the meeting (unfortunately the HD IG
session could not be moved).
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards
Fotis Karayannis
Fotis Karayannis
RDA secretariat and Health Data IG secretariat liaison
ATHENA Research Center
Phone: +30 211 1206 431
Mobile: +30 6945 878784
Skype: fotis71
Twitter: fkarayan