Kick off meeting: october, 14th 2013

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03 Oct 2013

Kick off meeting: october, 14th 2013


  1. Introdcution of all partcipants
  2. Feedback of the group workshop in Washington
  3. Discuss the charter and come to a shared understanding of the outcomes
  4. Some informations about the whole process of the working group; find a routine for the group meetings
  5. Adoptions groups: share a clear understanding of what they are and what level of adoption we can expect from them
  6. Discuss the first step of the work plan (the survey): how to collect questions for the questionnaire? How will we test/evaluate the results of the survey and sources received? Who will do what?
  7. Discuss the work plan beyond the survey
  8. AOB



Participants :


From CYMMIT: Richard FULSS

From Agro-Know Technologies:  Vassilis PROTONOTARIOS, Andreas DRAKOS

From INRA: Michaël ALAUX, Sophie AUBIN, Cyril POMMIER, Esther DZALE YEUMO


  • Share the document initiated by Richard and Esther to gather questions for the survey (Esther)
  • Inra (Sophie and Michaël) will implement the questionnaire
  • Set up a document to list the tasks for next steps (Esther)
  • Write a terms of reference document for the adoption groups (Richard, Alex, Esther)
  • Run a doodle for the next meeting (within 3 weeks) which will be focused on the questionnaire (Esther); by the meantime, edit the shared document for the questionnaire
  • Have an online meeting every 3 weeks


Introduction of all the participants: various expertise domains among which information systems management, ontologies and metadata management, data integration, workflows for data management, wheat data specialists, semantic Web, genomic annotations, phenotypes

Feed-back of Washington: Be careful to take into account what is already done in terms of standards, and well identify data sources. Feed-back from the council about the WG statement: identify at least 3 adoption groups and describe what level of adoption we aim and how we reach it.

Discussion around the charter: the cookbook is perceived as the key thing, should be useful, and function quite well. Maybe some workshops in the adoption plan.

Adoption groups: We identified 4 potential adoption groups : the IWGS consortium, CYMMIT, CSIRO, INRA

For the next meeting, we will try flash meeting: