Recap and news

20 Dec 2013

Dear all,
This is to recap our actions and share some news.
Our questionnaire is almost ready to be sent out. However, we had
a request from the Wheat Initiative to test it further and give
feedback before the end of December. We should be able to send it
out early in January.
We have a new version for our case statement. We shared it with
the Wheat initiative staff on their own request. We will perhaps
have new active members from the Wheat initiative stakeholders
(Graingenes for example). You can review the new case statement
here :
We have a new group mailinglist provided by RDA which is
***@***.*** [2]
I will send this email to both the new mailing list and our
Agro-Know mailing list (thank you again to Agro-Know). If you
don't receive the email twice, please let me know so I can add you
in the new mailing list.
How to send out a message to the mailing list:
1) directly from the website by doing a Post (to mailing list),
menu under the "Add content" block you can find on the right side
of the group working area.
Example: If  you upload a document in the file depot, and want to
notify the group about the availability of the document – all you
have to do is create a Post (to mailing list) and it automatically
goes out to the mailing list.
2)You can also send a message from your mailbox to the group email
(mailing list)  -> it gets distributed to the groups
subscribers. Just like any other mailinglist system.
We kindly ask you to register to the website and to suscribe to
our group. Please let us know if you need any help.
I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and a
fantastic start to an exciting, successful and healthy 2014!
Warm regards,
*Esther DZALE
*Chef de projet /
Project manager*
***@***.*** [3]
déléguée à l’IST / Scientific Information
Tèl. : +33 1 (0)1 30 83
34 44
Fax : +33 1 (0)1 30 83 34
78 026 Versailles cedex
France [4]
[2] mailto:***@***.***
[3] mailto:#

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